Man Who Raped INFANT Transferred to Prison With Unit for Mothers and Babies After Claiming to Be Transgender

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A Canadian man convicted of raping a three-month-old infant has been transferred to a prison with a unit for mothers to care for their babies after claiming to be transgender.

Adam Laboucan did not identify as a “woman” until after he went to prison.

Laboucan raped a baby boy in 1997 when he was a 15-year-old babysitter. The infant was so severely injured that he had to be airlifted to a hospital in Vancouver, 410 miles away so that he could get the reconstructive surgery that he needed.

The Toronto Sun reports that “after raping the baby, Desousa mutilated himself and ate his own flesh.”

Once imprisoned, British Columbia reportedly footed the bill for Laboucan to get large DD fake breasts and a sex change surgery.

“During her time in the clink, she has been caught prostituting herself to fellow cons, using drugs and threatening to kill a female guard. She has been found with a knife and stabbed herself,” the Sun report says.

According to the Sun, the child molester also admitted killing a three-year-old child when he was just 11 years old — but he was never charged due to Canadian laws that dictate people under 12 cannot be charged with a crime.

Reduxx reports that “the child’s mother, Delores Deutsch, told the court that she wanted Laboucan to remain in prison for the rest of his life. ‘They thought it was an accident, but inside I knew it wasn’t. I don’t know. I guess a mother just knows, inside that feeling,’ she said.”

“While in custody, he would turn them against himself, but this high level of self-mutilation, almost self cannibalization, could be turned against other, weaker individuals, with possibly fatal consequences,” expert witness Dr. Ian Postnikoff told the B.C. Supreme Court.

“He said that biting himself tended to ease the anger and frustration,” Postnikoff told the court. “In one instance, he chewed on his arm for 30 minutes, ingesting fat and muscle tissue.”

“With the history and severity of the offenses of Mr. Laboucan, it’s difficult to say how long his treatment would last,” Postnikoff continued. “He’s not a regular sexual offender. I would say it would be a very long time, possibly years. I would be very, very concerned to hear that Laboucan would be released into the community in the near future.”

Despite the extreme danger this inmate poses to others, he is now being housed with vulnerable women and their babies.

“Fraser Valley Institution for Women features a minimum-security annex that hosts a program for incarcerated mothers and their babies,” Reduxx reported. “The Mother-Child Program takes place in a house comprised of facilities such as a shared kitchen, lounge and bathroom, as well as multiple bedrooms. It is situated within a compound of similar housing units, much like a neighborhood.’

“Other inmates who are not mothers themselves may be permitted to stay with the mother and child can even apply to serve as babysitters or ‘aunties,’” the report explains, “though they may be subject to a risk assessment.”

According to the prison’s rules, children can live in the prison with their mothers up to their fifth birthday and part-time up to their seventh birthday.

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