Pfizer Spokesman John Legend Roasted Over Ad For Vaccine Boosters – So They Turn Off Replies

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Pfizer is still pushing COVID boosters on Americans.

Pfizer posted a video of John Legend telling Americans to get the newest COVID booster.

For John Legend, there is nothing better than being a dad and enjoying special moments with his family. That’s why he considers his health a top priority and why he got an updated #COVID19 booster. His eligible family members got theirs too! Learn more:

— Pfizer Inc. (@pfizer) February 14, 2023

Since they didn’t want people to see actual reactions to the ad they turned off replies.

They were still ratioed.

With their 500K followers they still only have 208 likes, 121 RT’s. Replies disabled so 2920 Quote Tweets.

The cowards would’ve had a brutal ratio

— Top Secret (@ICU1010) February 16, 2023

Twitter users roasted John Legend.

One user asked how much Pfizer paid Legend to push the vaccine.

Holy crap this is pathetic @johnlegend how much did @pfizer pay you to make this? That big pharma poison paycheck is stained with countless injuries and deaths from around the world and guess what? That blood is on your hands now and we wont forget. Propaganda bullshit sellout

— Five Times August (@FiveTimesAugust) February 15, 2023

Another one blasted Legend for selling “out to the paycheck.”

Wow…. Sold out to the paycheck! Pfizer is so desperate to keep the narrative going, they’ve got John Legend as their new spokesperson.
They have no way out when they sign the contract with the devil. The devil is giving them the bill of……Bha Bha Bha disgusting

— Lara28 (@Lara28742634061) February 16, 2023

John Legend should be mocked into oblivion.

His legend should be his endorsement of the Pfizer.

You sold your soul, @johnlegend. Enjoy your eternity.

— Viva Frei (@thevivafrei) February 16, 2023

People aren’t buying what Pfizer is selling!

For the antidote to media bias, check out…

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