I never knew this was a Bacharach-David song

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Little Red Book, by Love.  RIP, Burt Bacharach.  His was some of the first music I knew, most of all “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head.”  I don’t even think I knew he wrote that song, but it was in one of the first movies I ever saw in a theater.

Most of all, as a teenager, I thought of Burt Bacharach as “my parents’ music,” in a not entirely positive way.  I associated it with muzak, where his compositions were played often.  Then one day (long ago) I woke up and realized “Hey, Burt Bacharach is one of America’s great all-time great songwriters!”  Which he was and is.  It is a good thing in life to have these “Burt Bacharach moments.”  They don’t need to have anything to do with your parents.  But you should be able to wake up and one day just realize “Hey, that’s great!”  Burt Bacharach moments, keep them in mind.

I hadn’t known he was mentored by Milhaud, as mention in this WaPo obituary.  He was renowned as a good-looking playboy, leading to this:

His 2013 memoir “Anyone Who Had a Heart,” a title borrowed from one of his hits, revealed his shortcomings as a husband and father. An admittedly “selfish” man much of his life, he invited his ex-wives — Stewart, Dickinson and Sager — to contribute to provide their perspective.

I wonder what their “Burt Bacharach moments” were.

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