If the NFL Hadn’t Nuked It’s Base with BLM Propaganda and American Anthem Kneeling – Americans Would Enjoy Story Today About Kelce Brothers

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The NFL was attacked in 2016 and 2020 and its response in 2020 went against its base.  Americans have never forgotten.

After Black Lives Matter destroyed US cities with billions of dollars in damages, hundreds of injured law enforcement officers remained, and Americans were dead.

The New York Post reported in July 2020:

More than 700 law enforcement officers have been injured on the job during nationwide protests over the death of George Floyd — with nearly 300 of those among New York’s Finest, according to the Department of Justice and the NYPD.

FOX News reported in June 2020 (only two weeks after George Floyd’s death), that after a short time, nearly 20 had died in the protests.

As of Monday, an informal tally shows 17 people have died in incidents stemming from the unrest following Floyd’s May 25 death — though details in some of the cases remain murky.

By December, the number of law enforcement injured related to the 2020 protests was 2,000.

More than 2,000 law enforcement officers were injured in the first weeks of protests over the summer following the police killing of George Floyd, according to a report released in October.

What was the NFL’s reaction to all of this?  It was to pay BLM millions of dollars and broadcast BLM in ads during games and on the field.

This was the wrong thing to do to its base especially after allowing a second-string QB to kneel during the National Anthem before games.

Biased and Corrupt WaPo Writes Entire Article on NFL Ratings Nosedive – Without One Mention of Kaepernick or #BLM

Many Americans never returned to the NFL after these actions by the league.  Country comes before football. 

It’s a shame.  Because this year two brothers will become the first brothers in history to play against each other in the Super Bowl.

Potential future Hall of Famers, Jason and Travis Kelce will play on opposing teams in Sunday’s Super Bowl.  It’s the first time this has happened.

Jason Kelce is starting center for the Philadelphia Eagles.  He’s a pro bowler and considered by many to be the best offensive center in the game.

His younger brother Travis Kelce is the starting tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs.  He too is a pro bowler and is considered to be by some, the best tight end in the game.

They will face off on Sunday.

Their mother brought them cookies on press day and when she was asked who she’ll be rooting for, she said she’ll root for the offense.

The mother of Travis and Jason Kelce surprised her sons with two batches of cookies https://t.co/LXmdzclxCm

— WHAS11 News (@WHAS11) February 9, 2023

Shame on the NFL for ever siding with violent criminals over country.

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