FOX News Will Run Super Bowl Ad For ‘King Of Late Night’ Greg Gutfeld (VIDEO)

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The FOX News Channel is going to run a commercial during the Super Bowl to promote the ‘Gutfeld!’ show.

Given the cost of advertising during the big game, it’s obvious that executives at the network have faith in Greg Gutfeld and the monster ratings he has delivered since moving to the 11 PM slot.

It’s a pretty funny ad, and features Greg dressed up as a king, with co-host Kat Timpf dressed as a princess and co-host Tyrus dressed as a knight.

Mediaite reports:

WATCH: Fox News’ Super Bowl Ad Promoting ‘New King of Late Night’ Greg Gutfeld

During one of the most expensive and highly anticipated advertising days of the year, Super Bowl Sunday, Fox News will be promoting one of their most popular hosts, Greg Gutfeld.

Amongst popular brands and household names like Colbert, Fallon, and Kimmel, Fox News will be crowning Gutfeld as “the new king of late night,” during the 15-second spot promoting his show, Gutfeld!

The ad features Gutfeld donning a cape, crown, and scepter as he makes his way through a commercial set to a throne.

Gutfeld’s own dog is featured in the ad — a french bulldog named Gus — sitting honorably beside the throne in a matching outfit. Other cast members from the show are in the commercial as well, including Kat Timpf and Tyrus.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Fox News will have another 20-second cut of the commercial which will air on their own network and it will be the only ad airing during the big game that will advertise one of their linear shows.

Watch the ad below:

It just goes to show that FOX News now sees Gutfeld as a major player.

Fox News Is Giving @greggutfeld a Super Bowl Ad (Exclusive)
The choice to promote Gutfeld! suggests Fox sees the show as a priority at the corporate-level, and one with potential crossover appeal to the non-Fox News viewers that may be watching the game.

— johnny dollar (@johnnydollar01) February 8, 2023

Congrats to Greg and his crew.

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