“This Was More of a Provocation and a Thumb at Joe Biden Making Him Look Like the Fool that He Is” – Former Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer on China’s Spy Balloon

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Former Lieutenant Colonel Tony Schaffer discussed the handling of the China spy balloon and his reactions to it.

Tony Shaffer is a former U.S. Army Reserve Lieutenant Colonel who became known for his claims about mishandled intelligence before the September 11 attacks, and for the censoring of his ghost-written book Operation Dark Heart.  Shaffer is now the President of the London Center for Policy Research.

Yesterday, Shaffer joined the Joe Hoft Show on TNTRadio.live to discuss the recent China spy balloon and Biden’s reaction to it.

Shaffer had a lot to share but here are some key points.  Joe Hoft discussed why American companies get their butts handed to them when they deal with China because Americans believe that the Chinese are just like Americans.  But the Chinese have a different culture that comes from a different history and rather than allowing less checks and balances, Americans need to demand more.

At the 29:00 minute mark Shaffer joined the discussion.  Shaffer shared the following:

The Chinese are not a competitor they’re a nation with a long history of working to dominate their neighbors.  This goes back literally thousands of years…The Chinese believe our law is older than yours so we have the right to do what we want over what you want.

The Chinese are very much like the Nazis in owning industry.

The Chinese believe they are the superior race in the world [fascism].

Shaffer believes the spy balloon was a provocation.  They could have gotten the information they needed “from satellites and other strategic reconnaissance assets, so it wasn’t that”.

This was a provocation.  This was more about trying to see how would we react, how long it would take… It’s very clear this was the greatest and most direct provocation we’ve seen in a long time…I think it was meant to belittle and make fun of the US response…They’re trying to again to make fun of Joe Biden.

This was more of a provocation and a thumb at Joe Biden making him look like the fool that he is.

Shaffer says of course the balloon should have been shut down.  We should have sent it back in pieces and said “Don’t do that again.”

When asked about the report yesterday afternoon that General Mattis said these balloons flew over the US under President Trump as well, Shaffer shared:

I don’t know if I believe it.  Because the people that I was advising to include people around Mattis never said anything about this and I was actually advising on threat issues…I think the general is lying.

It turns out that last night Mattis came out and said that he never said this.  The story was another lie from the corrupt media.

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