Pentagon’s Latest Lie: We Did Not Detect Balloons Over US During Trump Years It Was the Intel Community Who Saw Them – And Did Not Notify Their Leaders!

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The lies from the military industrial complex are coming fast and hard.

What will they throw at us tomorrow? It’s almost comical.

On Saturday the Biden regime admitted the China spy balloon was first spotted a week earlier in Alaska back on January 28, flew from there into Canada and down into the continental US. On Tuesday the balloon entered Idaho and crossed the US for the next four days. The China spy balloon was then shot down after it left US territory and had collected all of its data for the Chinese Communist Party. This was an unprecedented event in US history.

The China spy balloon tracking model over the continental US.

The fake news media on Saturday played clean up for the Biden regime.  The media hoped to convince Americans that these China spy balloons cross the US all the time.  In fact, fake news insisted that this happened during the Trump years – three times.

On Sunday morning a FOX News reporter pushed back on these claims. She spoke with Michael Bolton, Ric Grenell, Former Defense Secretary Mark Esper, and others who said they had never heard of this happening. And if it did occur, they were not notified – which is just as bad.

Former Trump advisor John Bolton, former DNI Ric Grenell, Former Defense Secretary Mark Esper, Former Secretary of State and CIA Direcor Mike Pompeo, President Trump , Defense Secretary Mattis, and former DNI John Ratcliffe, spoke out that that this was a lie.

This never happened during the Trump years. And if it did happen, the top officials in Trump administration were not notified – which is just as bad.

So now the military is changing their story.  Now they want you to believe that the intelligence community discovered the balloons during the Trump years — BUT NEVER NOTIFIED THEIR INTEL LEADERS!

Former DNIs Ratcliffe and Grenell have already denied the claims.

So now the military AND the intelligence community have been caught in a lie!  Or they committed treasonous acts by aiding and abetting the enemy and not notifying their leadership.

The Hill reported this nonsense.

A top U.S. general said that the Pentagon did not detect previous Chinese spy balloons as they were in the air, after former President Trump and members of his administration vehemently denied a claim from defense officials that such balloons had flown over the U.S. at least three times during his presidency.

Gen. Glen VanHerck, the head of U.S. Northern Command, said Monday that the Defense Department “did not detect” the previous balloons, adding that the intelligence community was made aware of them through other means of information collection.

“We did not detect those threats,” VanHerck told reporters. “The intel community after the fact — I believe as has been briefed already — assessed those threats from additional means of collection and made us aware of those balloons that were previously approaching North America or transited North America.”

And get this… Here’s the kicker…

Senior administration officials cited Sunday in Bloomberg reporting said that the U.S. didn’t learn about the previous balloons until after Trump had left the Oval Office.

House Republicans better get to the bottom of this.

These people need to face consequences for their outright lies.

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