Valentine: Election Officials Don’t Want You To See Voter Rolls – They Want You to Go Away!

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Guest post by Jay Valentine

The narrative about “free, safe, secure elections” changed 180 degrees since November 2022.  Almost nobody is crazy enough to say America has free, fair elections.

After Kari Lake’s race in Arizona and Adam Laxalt’s race in Nevada, the most wimpish George Bush RINO hesitates to say “elections are fair.”

Since our team processed billions of election roll “snapshots” taken since 2020, we run the largest election database in the world, we concluded U.S. elections are rigged by both parties, and they are rigged with the active help of election officials or their acquiescence.

Sovereign fraud – institutional election fraud by your government – first discussed on American Thinker – is real.  We have the data to prove it!

Fractal technology and vigilant election integrity teams in 2022 pulled back the curtain on much of this rigging – reported at

Why was the election fraud, which existed years before Trump became a candidate, so invisible?

Election officials of both parties do not want pesky citizens looking at voter rolls.  We know this because we have been in the room with them, virtually, demonstrating the most egregious voter roll anomalies and they just refused to see them.

Let’s get into just how virulent, common, widespread is the hiding of election registration info from you – the citizen.

How much does a voter roll cost?  Yeah, dollars?

In some states, it is free, download it or pay a modest fee and get a CD of the entire election roll every 30 days.

In Alabama, $30,000.  You pay Alabama $30,000 for a copy of your election roll.

In Wisconsin, $12,500.

Why so much?  Is it a profit center?

Well, in Alabama they have scores of voters older than Julius Caesar – some registered in the last couple of years using a birthdate around the time St. Paul was proselytizing.  Think maybe there is a data roll cleaning problem there?

Wisconsin has voter IDs with hidden characters.

You can find over 180,000 Wisconsin voters with the same voter ID.  Oops!

They aren’t the same IDs, they are actually different – but you cannot tell with your software because the Wisconsin Election Commission uses a hidden character inserted that is invisible to you.  We made them admit it!

Go to our website, read the expert witness reports and you can read all about it!

In some states, you cannot get the voter roll unless you are a candidate or political party.  If you let anyone else see it, you can be prosecuted – Virginia and California.

There is North Carolina.  They insert control characters into election rolls so citizens have a hard time combining necessary rolls for analysis.

Creating databases with incorrectly inserted control characters shows one of two motivations:  massive incompetence or sinister intent.  You decide.

Our analysis of the various states, about 20 or so we have seen, is that the level of database competency is less than 8th grade in most.

Let me state that clearly:  In almost every state where we processed the election rolls, the level of database competence, from a Secretary of State, spending millions of dollars a year – is less than high school level.

If the amount of undeniably false information in every state election database we have seen existed in a public company, the CEO, under Sarbanes Oxley rules would probably go to jail.

How do you check a database?

Download it.  To what do you compare it?

Here’s an idea!

Let’s compare the county voter registration files with the state voter files.  They ought to reconcile with a little float for registrations in transit.

Nope!  In state after state, there is a 5% – 10% difference between those two sets of ostensibly identical data.

Let’s check the state voter rolls with the county tax rolls.  After all, an address is an address.

The reconciliation between the voter roll and the tax roll shows hundreds into thousands of addresses which cannot, by law, house a voter.  Yet, those addresses house thousands, regularly over 200,000 anomalies in a single state.

In 2022, we learned election rolls have internal motion – waves of registrants who swell the roll up to election time – then gently slide back into the sea.

In Nevada and Arizona, we ran the rolls for several months.

Our graphical analysis shows the graph of people living in RV Parks, hotels, other transient locations slowly rise to peak at election time, then disappear 30 – 60 days later.

Since we snapshot data – comparing every voter roll with every previous roll, the snapshots show mass migration to the election date, then mass de-migration afterward.

This was never visible before Fractal technology but now it is, from a phone.  Pretty soon we are going to visualize this and put up on the web site for all to see.

Let’s not pick on Nevada – we see it in most states.  Harris County, Texas rivals Nevada.

If voter rolls aren’t opaque enough with hidden characters (Wisconsin), inserted control characters (North Carolina), prohibitive costs (Alabama, Wisconsin) or stupid laws that you can be prosecuted for looking at voter rolls if you are not an approved species (Virginia, California), we have a new trend.

Make it a crime to look at voter rolls!

Make it a crime to go door-to-door for election canvassing.

Criminalize the audit of the criminalization of election rolls!  That’s a double criminalization!  What does that mean?

Think we are kidding?  Welcome to New Mexico.

Among the army of unsung heroes, giving up jobs, risking safety to fight election fraud – which dear reader means they are fighting for your most cherished freedom – is David Clements in New Mexico.

David is an attorney, professor of law, all around patriot.  You will catch him on some obscure podcast, from his parked car on a roadside on the way to an election integrity event in the middle of nowhere.

Professor Clements, in a recent interview, reported how New Mexico is legislating to criminalize election integrity efforts.

They want to make it a felony to clean voter rolls.  Go door-to-door to see why the empty construction site has 27 registered voters?  In New Mexico, they want to put you in jail for it!

Guess which party is doing this?  Not much of a guess is it?

While we are just data guys, we cannot hold back our admiration for guys like Clements, Seth Keshel and an anonymous army of voter integrity teams fighting against bipartisan, government-funded, supported and enforced phantom voter fraud.

We are stunned by the lack of support by the Republican wealthy class for these guys.  If they were Leftists, trying to scam voter rolls, there would be an entire infrastructure in place to support them.  They might get book deals!

Alas, since they are patriots, the wealthy class stands aside.

Well, we aren’t.

The Fractal team is giving patriots – of any party – the disruptive tools to clean voter rolls.

When you have better technology than the government, it does even things up a bit!

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Jay Valentine led the team that built the eBay fraud engine and the technology for the TSA No-Fly List.  He can be contacted at  His Twitter account is @jayvalentine99

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