Despite President Trump Pulling Ahead in New Poll, Former NJ Governor Chris Christie, NH Governor Sununu and Billionaire Charles Koch Attack Him

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President Trump pulled further ahead of Joe Biden in another poll this weekend.  Despite this, Trump haters came out to attack the former President. 

President Trump gained on Joe Biden in another poll that was actually taken before Biden’s seditious acts with the China spy balloon this weekend.

Mathew Boyle at Breitbart reported:

Trump, at 48 percent, leads Biden’s 45 percent by 3 percent. One percent said they would vote for someone else, 3 percent said they would not vote for either Trump or Biden, 2 percent said they would not vote, and 1 percent had no opinion.

The survey, from the Washington Post and ABC News, represents a five-point swing Trump’s way from the pollster’s last such survey nationally back in September, which had Biden leading Trump 48 percent to 46 percent.

This didn’t stop the Trump haters from attacking him this weekend.

Former GOP Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, was on the Sunday Shows trashing President Trump.

Republican 2024 hopefuls haven’t launched bids against former Pres. Trump yet because “no one sees any imperative to do it,” @GovChristie tells @JonKarl.

“Who wants to be the first in the pool with Donald Trump?”

— This Week (@ThisWeekABC) February 5, 2023

Nasty New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu also went after President Trump.   Newsweek reported a fantasy piece where Sununu suggests that he is thinking of running for President and that he decided not to run in 2020 – as if he would have received a single vote.

Sununu said on Sunday that Donald Trump cannot beat Joe Biden in 2024, despite seeming headwinds against the incumbent president.

Unlike other Republican state leaders in the traditionally blue-skewing Northeast, Sununu was open in his support for Trump throughout his rise to the presidency, notably opting not to launch a primary challenge against him in 2020.

The Koch Network announced that they are going to use their money to try and sideling President Trump.  HotAir reports:

Conservative billionaire Charles Koch is willing to act early and use his political network to stop Trump in the 2024 GOP presidential primary…

… In the 2016 GOP primary, Koch supported several candidates as alternatives to Trump. He’s never been a Trump supporter so it isn’t surprising that he still isn’t a supporter. What does catch my attention is that he and his network are making a point to come out early with the hopes of influencing the primary. As a 3-page memo released on Sunday explains, the Koch network’s flagship group, Americans for Prosperity (AFP), is in a position to make a difference in the primary process as few others can.

TGP questions if any Koch money was spent to sideline any attempts to overcome the stolen election after it occurred in 2020.  So it’s not surprising that AFP would be willing to spend more against President Trump again.

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