Here We Go… Fired Employee Files Capitol Police Report Against Republican Lawmaker George Santos Alleging Sexual Harassment

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Here we go.
Fired Capitol Hill staffer Derek Myers filed sexual harassment charges against his former employer Republican Rep. George Santos.

Myers posted a series of tweets on Friday reporting the charges to the far-left US Capitol Police.

Additionally, my filings detail sexual harassment I endured in the office of the Congressman. These matters will hopefully be appropriately addressed by the police and the Ethics Committee, respectively in due time.

— Derek Myers (@DerekMyers) February 3, 2023

— Derek Myers (@DerekMyers) February 3, 2023

Democrats have treated the George Santos story as if it is the top news story in the United States since they found out he fudged his resume when running for Congress last cycle.

Of course, Democrats have no problem with their own liars like Senator Liz Warren who based her entire career on the lie that she was Native American or Senator Dick Blumenthal who lied about his military service.

And now the fake news will have something new to report.

Santos has been in office for about one month.

The Guardian reported:

The embattled New York Republican congressman George Santos has been accused of sexual harassment by a former aide.

Santos already faces local, state, federal and international investigations over professional and personal behaviour, campaign finance filings and a campaign résumé shown to be largely made-up.

He has admitted embellishing his résumé but denied wrongdoing and said he will not resign, as members of his own party and Democrats have repeatedly urged him to do.

Republican leaders who must govern with a slim House majority have stood by him, though he has withdrawn from two committees.

On Friday, the former aide, Derek Myers, published on Twitter a letter to the House ethics committee in which he claimed to have been put to work in Santos’s office as a volunteer, in violation of ethics rules, and to have been harassed.

“Today,” he wrote, “I filed a police report with Capitol police and a complaint with the House ethics committee regarding ethical violations and sexual harassment by Congressman George Santos during my time working in his office.

of course, Democrats have no problem with Joe Biden groping children live on TV – but this report on Santos is just reprehensible.

The commies want to pick off Republican lawmakers one by one until they gain a majority.

George Santos has not responded to the charges but did post this on Sandy Cortez.

I DEMAND Sandy get an Oscar, PRONTO!

— George Santos (@Santos4Congress) February 3, 2023

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