Leftist ‘Agitators’ Behind the Scenes in NYC Illegal Hotel Standoff

Group of American activists is protesting
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The Gateway Pundit reported on the standoff at the Watson Hotel in Hell’s Kitchen NYC where hundreds of illegals, housed on the American taxpayer’s dime, are refusing to relocate to Mayor Eric Adams’s mega-shelter at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal.

City officials initiated the relocation to move single adult men from the hotel to the mega-shelter to make room for women and families at the hotel location.

Efforts to frame the protest as an “organic uprising: fail to acknowledge that the usual suspects, leftist  “professional agitators,” are in the background of the standoff.

The New York Post reports:

The activists who city officials blamed for helping fuel the migrant standoff outside Manhattan’s Watson Hotel included a “community organizer” from California and a New York writer who sparked controversy with an open letter that got her fired by Yelp.

At least one person in the group also apparently distributed an anti-cop leaflet produced by an anarchist organization that bills itself as a “rebel alliance” dedicated to “action against all the forces that threaten your freedom.”

On Wednesday, Mayor Eric Adams blasted the activists as “agitators that just really, I think, are doing a disservice to migrants and doing a disservice to the children and families we’re moving to hotels.”

City Immigrant Affairs Commissioner Manuel Castro also accused the rabble rousers of outright lying to migrants, telling Univision that they “seek some political motive.”

“They are telling them that we are establishing detention centers, which is incorrect,” Castro said.

The Post has identified:

Caroline Wong
A Queens native, Wong told The Post she now lives in Los Angeles and came to the Big Apple through her job as a national organizer for the leftist Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration and Immigrant Rights and Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary.

Wong said four other members of the group, known as BAMN, joined her at the standoff Wednesday morning, with plans for even more arrivals.

Tailia Jane
Of Brooklyn, was fired from Yelp in 2016 after posting an open letter to the company’s chairman in which she complained about not making enough money as a customer service representative for its Eat24 food-delivery affiliate in San Francisco.

Sergio Tupac Uzurin
— is a member of the immigrant-advocacy group NYC ICE Watch who’s publicly called for empty luxury apartments to be turned over to migrants.

Meryl Ranzer
But in a 2019 essay posted on the Medium website, Ranzer — who handles communication and social media for Respond Crisis Translation — seemingly suggested that guilt might be a motivating factor.

“White women have access to power that others may not have, there are ways to leverage our privilege while standing behind and beside those who are marginalized and taking direction from them,” she wrote.

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