Thursday assorted links

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1. ChatGPT Plus now to sell for $20 a month, not $40 a month.  I view that as the result of high demand, not low demand (ever look at the book market and its prices).  And new LLM app for lawyers to use for contract review.  And David Rozado on ChatGPT moderation systems, tweet storm here.  And the plan for Microsoft Teams Premium.  AI-powered meetings are on the way.

2. “While overall income inequality rose over the past 5 decades, the rise in overall consumption inequality was small.

3. Dwarkesh interviews @pmarca.  And Age of Infovores interviews Daniel Klein.  And Benjamin Yeoh podcast with Kanjun Qiu.

4. What should a Caribbean think tank do? Important post, and not just for the 44 million people in the Caribbean.

5. New Yunchan Lim (Byrd, Bach, Beethoven Bagatelles and more).  It is amazing how many different kinds of music he can play so extraordinarily well at age eighteen.

6. A plan to expand Manhattan?

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