TGP Report from October 2020 on Obama Conference Call Being Leaked to Russia Supports TGP’s Earlier Report Today

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Archive White House photo of President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, by Pete Souza

TGP reported in October of 2020 on a conference call of Obama’s addressing US policy with Ukraine that was leaked to Burisma.  This confirms our reporting this morning. 

In December of 2015, Joe Biden was set to go to Ukraine.  A report at Reuters shared on the trip based on the information it received from “senior administration officials”.

US Vice President Joe Biden will travel to Ukraine Sunday, hoping to reassure Kiev that it will not be abandoned as the West seeks to enlist Russia in the fight against the Islamic State group.

Biden will meet Ukrainian leaders and make a rare address to the Ukrainian parliament, delivering a message of solidarity, according to senior administration officials.

TGP reported a couple of weeks before the 2020 Election on October 20, 2020, that a conference call addressing US policy with Ukraine was leaked to Ukrainian Oil and Gas Giant, Burisma at that same time, in early December 2015.

Hunter Biden Email Bombshell: Obama Conference Call Addressing US Policy Toward Ukraine Leaked to Burisma

This morning TGP reported on virtually the same story but added more to it.   TGP reported that not only was Biden planning on going to Ukraine but his agenda and US policies were shared with Burisma.

This information did come from Blue Star Strategies who recorded the trip notes and provided them to Hunter, Devon Archer, and Burisma.

But the key point that was discarded in the prior reporting was that this information that was shared was classified and never should have been shared with Hunter or overseas.  In addition, this brings Joe Biden into the picture.  Seeing him brag years later about what he did on this trip makes it even more important.

See our report from this morning below.

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