UNBELIEVABLY HEARTBREAKING J6 VIDEO! Exclusive CRYSTAL CLEAR Video of Rosanne Boyland as She DIED on Steps of US Capitol – After Police Allegedly Killed Her at the Capitol- WHY WON’T THE POLITICIANS & MEDIA SAY HER NAME?

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The Gateway Pundit has obtained never-before-seen footage from January 6th that will absolutely break your heart. It is unbelievable that this footage exists and is just being seen now.

In this poignant video that plays like a scene in a feature film, the unconscious body of Rosanne Boyland lay on the steps of the US Capitol as distraught Trump Supporters try in vain to save her, before finally carrying her lifeless body up to the mouth of the West Capitol Entrance and turning her over to the Metro Police Line- begging them for help after a police officer had just been seen beating Rosanne to a pulp with a stick. From there, the police dragged Rosanne down the tunnel by her feet like a sack of potatoes and she was never seen again.

See this heart-wrenching video HERE:

This gives a whole new layer of emotion and sadness to that day, as the high video quality humanizes the men and women around the most violent area on January 6th – the West Capitol Steps.

“All the cell phone and body-cam video we have seen comes across as somewhat de-humanizing,” said Tina Ryan of Citizens Against Political Persecution. “You can’t really see the details of people’s faces- the range of emotions and pure reactions. That’s why this new video is a game-changer. Watch it in slow motion. Watch the despair, the fear, the indignation…these are the people the Government has tried to paint as the worst terrorists in America. But you can see here that they are regular people- caught up in an extraordinary situation- and were reacting in real time as human beings to police attacks on themselves and on their peers.”


According to dozens of eyewitnesses and survivors, Rosanne Boyland’s death was caused by police. The can be substantiated by available video.


The video above was taken shortly after Rosanne and the rest of the crowd had been pushed by police down steps into a ceiling-high bone-crushing and deadly pile that cops doused with opulent amounts of pepper spray and teargas. The police would not allow anyone to help the individuals being crushed and attacked anyone who tried to help. After about ten excruciating minutes, the protesters were able to work themselves out of the pile and save each other.

The men and women crushed in the pile working themselves out as they are gassed and beaten by police. Rosanne Boyland is at the bottom.

Rosanne lay motionless on the steps after the pile cleared. People tried to get near her to help and it was then that she was seen being beaten brutally by Police Officer Lila Morris with a stick. See that video here:

Rosanne’s face was blue and bloody. Her body lay motionless as men tried to desperately help and defend her, only to be tear-gassed or struck by police. People begged and pleaded with police to give Rosanne CPR. When they realized the police were not going to help and continued to spray teargas, the men finally carried Rosanne down the stairs away from the attacks of police to attempt administer CPR themselves. This is where the video above begins.

This heartbreaking video shows their haphazard yet valiant attempts to save the life of Rosanne Boyland.


In this video, men are seen desperately trying to save the life of Rosanne as they attempt to perform CPR. They use tools from a CPR kit in someone’s backpack on the ground. A man in an aviator hat pumps on her chest. A protester in a tan jacket cuts Rosanne’s shirt off to perform CRP. Ronald McAbee, a Sheriff from Tennessee, unbuttons Boyland’s pants and removes her belt to access the femoral artery in her leg to take a pulse. (McAbee still sits in pre-trial detention for the January 6th crime of trying to save Rosanne and help police). The irony of the situation is that over a dozen men sit in pre-trial detention who were helping Rosanne or reacting to her death.

Many of the men that helped Rosanne are in pre-trial detention and being held as political prisoners, including Sheriff Ronald McAbee (in red hat).

Blood can be seen splattered on the white step behind Boyland.

Men and women yell at the police: “She’s dying! She’s Dying!”, “Fuck you!”,  “You did this!” and “This is on you!”

“I think she is still alive,” someone says.

As the men finally give up and carry Rosanne up the stairs to again beg for police help, a man that mistakes Rosanne for a man can be heard yelling in indignant anger:

“They let him die (police)! They let that man die! We needed resuscitation and they let him die! They pepper-sprayed him and let this man go down. That’s unacceptable and its unconstitutional!”

People begin to chant “USA, USA, USA” as Boyland’s body is carried up the steps by a group of protesters, reminiscent of men carrying a casket into a funeral. Her distraught friend Justin Winchell  (in the teal blue sweater) can be seen running around asking for help and following his friend’s body up the stairs as the men carry her to the police line in a final desperate plea for help. Winchell tiptoes and peers over shoulders as his friend disappears, clearly in shock. After that Winchell walks off in despair and disbelief. He never sees his dear friend Rosanne again.

A terrified Justin Winchell (in blue short) cries out for his friend Rosanne.

This is when people begin to throw items at police and hurl things in disgust and outrage.

Protesters gently lift the body of Rosanne Boyland and carry her to the police line to plea for help.


The government and mainstream media have exploited the violence on the West Capitol Steps as unhinged Trump Supporters who attacked police for no reason. They carefully cut Rosanne out of all footage that has been released to make the protesters around her seem like monsters with no motive for their seemingly irrational anger. ROSANNE BOYLAND’S DEATH EXPLAINS IT.

“The crowd saw it, they reacted, there was an explanation to all those “back the blue” type guys suddenly becoming angry with police,” said a J6 prisoner who is currently being held pre-trial who tried to help Rosanne.

“A pack of humans is literally like a pack of ants,” said Ryan. “If you flick and hurt one, the whole ant hill feels it and starts to react. That is the simplest way to explain what happened to the crowd at the West Capitol Terrace on January 6th.”

Rosanne Boyland smiled and walked happily towards to Capitol on January 6th in plastic American flag sunglasses- blissfully ignorant of her fate that day. #RosanneBoyland SAY HER NAME

This reporter has seen parts of the 14,000 hours of footage that has not been released by the Biden Regime. The footage clearly shows police officers inside the tunnel deploying copious amounts of tear gas over the desperate crowd who were unable to escape the tunnel as they were being crammed in from both sides. According to witnesses and from what this reporter has seen on “confidential” police body-cam video, most of the pushing came from the cops, who even began pushing each other onto the pile. 

Despite the ceiling-high pile of people trapped, the officers in the tunnel continued to deploy tear gas and pepper spray- KNOWING THE RAMIFICATIONS OF THIS COULD BE DEATH.

According to the manual, these gases are to only be deployed to DISPERSE A CROWD in an outdoor setting- NOT in an enclosed space where air is trapped. 

This reporter has seen testimony after testimony of police officers there that day complaining how impossible it was for them to breathe and they were wearing GAS MASKS! Imagine the protesters trapped inside the tunnel and at the bottom of a human pile with nowhere to go. Yet the police kept dousing the pile.


I want to reiterate- from the footage I have seen and the eye-witnesses I have spoken to – it was the police who forced the protesters into a death trap – a human pile – and doused the pile with pepper spray and tear gas as the people begged for mercy. This reporter has seen video after video of protesters begging for their lives and help from police. This reporter has HEARD body cam footage of a guttural scream that still haunts me coming from the bottom of that pile- an almost primal scream that goes on for minutes- possibly coming from Rosanne as she was crushed and suffocating.

Unlike the death of Ashli Babbitt, which I believe was mostly quick and painless, I do not believe the same was the case for Rosanne Boyland. It pains this reporter that her family may read this and for that I am deeply apologetic – but the world needs to know AND START ASKING QUESTION WHY THIS POOR WOMAN’S STORY HAS BEEN BURIED FOR OVER TWO YEARS NOW!

Over TEN men are in prison PRE-TRIAL right as we speak that became agitated AFTER witnessing Boyland’s treatment by police. Many of these men tried to help her and were beaten and gassed. They reacted off the anger of a crowd that saw a woman killed before their eyes- many say at the hands of police. Watch this body-cam video of their pure reaction:

“These men were outraged at what they saw,” said Tina Ryan of Citizens Against Political Persecution.  “They rot in jail for trying to help a dying woman. Make no mistake- the DC Metro Police caused the death of Rosanne Boyland. They gassed her, caused her to be trampled by recklessly pushing people into a pile and continuing to gas them, beat her unconscious body with a stick, and refused her CPR.”

The Government and the Mainstream Media have tried to erase Rosanne Boyland for TWO YEARS. We cannot let them do this to us anymore.

Rosanne Boyland, adored daughter.

** Look for PART 2 coming tomorrow on this investigation. **

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