US Government Mulls Covid Restrictions For Travelers From China

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The US government is considering imposing new Covid restriction on travelers from China.

China recently ended its Draconian ‘zero Covid’ policy following violent protests.

According to reports, China is experiencing a new wave of Covid infections.

The US may impose new Covid restrictions on travelers from China such as requiring a negative Covid test upon arrival.

Bloomberg News reported:

The US is considering taking new coronavirus precautions for people traveling from China, which has seen a rapid rise in infections as officials lift Covid Zero restrictions.

US officials said the government is concerned about the surge of cases in China, and has raised questions about the transparency of data the country is reporting about the spread of the virus. The officials requested anonymity to discuss internal thinking.

Japan is now requiring a negative Covid-19 test upon arrival for travelers from China, while Malaysia has imposed new tracking and surveillance measures. The US is weighing similar steps, the officials said, as a way to prevent further spread.

Discontent with Covid Zero sparked protests in China, leading authorities to move rapidly toward ending those policies and three years of self-isolation from the rest of the world. Yet the speed of those changes has seen infections surge.

US officials said they were considering new travel precautions based on consultations with public health experts and international partners. They said the talks have been prompted in part by concerns over the lack of genomic sequencing data that could help identify the emergence of a new variant.

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