Pastor Arrested in Brazil, Fears for His Life! Please Pray for Pastor Fabiano

Displeased black man looking at camera while being on public anti-racism demonstrations. Crow of people is in the background.
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Pastor Fabiano has been protesting for 49 days now

The Brazilian Federal Police, which does the bidding of the leftist Supreme Court, has arrested protest leader Pastor Fabiano Oliveira for the crime of free speech. It is the 50th day of the largest pro-democracy protests in history. Mainstream media continue to ignore the protests and the wanton arrests of indigenous leaders and pastors.

Pastor Fabiano was part of the protest camp outside the HQ of 38th Infantry Battalion in Vila Velha in the state of Espírito Santo, Brazil. Supporters had formed a human chain around Pastor Fabiano  yesterday to prevent him from being arrested by the Stasi Supreme Court goons.

A Polícia Federal não conseguiu cumprir o mandado de prisão contra o Pastor Fabiano Oliveira, no ES, porque o povo fez uma corrente de proteção em volta dele. A PF concluiu que “não há segurança para realizar a prisão”. O pastor é acusado de liderar manifestações contra Lula.

— Fernanda Salles (@reportersalles) December 18, 2022

This morning at 4:30 am, the Federal Police goon squad swooped in and arrested Pastor Fabiano, who is a father of 9, holding a bible and a copy of the Brazilian constitution.

He was taken to the Judicial Medical Department and handed over to the state penitentiary system.

As informações que nos chegam é que por volta de 4:20 da manhã de hoje (19/12) a PF cumpriu o mandado contra o Pastor Fabiano.

Bom dia Nicarágua!

— Advogados de Direita Brasil® (@movadvdireitabr) December 19, 2022

“I am Pastor Fabiano. I will be imprisoned for the crime of fighting for freedom”, he said before his arrest. “Let my imprisonment be an incentive for you to come out to the doors of the barracks and continue the fight.”

“I fear for my life”, Pastor Fabiano said before his arrest. “I fear I may die in prison because I am fighting for the Brazilian constitution.”

Pastor Fabiano was arrested in front of supposedly protect military barracks on his possession 2 books the Bible and the Brazilian constitution. His suppose crime is not writing in any of those books. Judge Alexandre has no limits God has mercy of our souls. #BrazilWasStolem

— Luana (@LuanaDahl) December 19, 2022

The pro-Lula Chief Justice Alexandre de Moraes has declared it a crime to demand election integrity.

80 to 100 patriots were arrested by the Brazilian Gestapo Thursday.

Even elected Deputies have been raided and banned from social media.

Chief Serere Xavante was arrested Monday 12/12 at gunpoint before his wife and children.

Pastor Fabiano has just been arrested in a military area, and unfortunately the Brazilian army did nothing. We already have several political prisoners in Brazil, arrested for crimes of opinion! there are Indians, pastors, councilors, broadcasters, journalists and honest people.

— kita tia do zap 22 (@TiaBonoro) December 19, 2022

Political prisoners in Brazil now include Chief Serere, journalist Jackson Rangel, radio broadcaster Max Pitangui and councilman Armandinho Fontoura. Western, so-called  “human rights defenders” are silent because they support the Communist criminals and do not care about human rights.

Meanwhile, the Brazilian Supreme Court has freed one the worst criminals of the so-called “Car Wash” embezzlement scheme around Lula da Silva, former governor of Rio de Janeiro Sergio Cabral, who was sentenced to 390 years in prison for collect 100 million $ in bribes in connection with PetroBras oil company connected to Barack Obama and George Soros.



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