EXCLUSIVE: AZ State Senator Wendy Rogers Discusses Kari Lake’s Historic Lawsuit And AZ House Speaker-Elect Ben Toma’s “Very Troubling” Connections To Runbeck Election Services (VIDEO)

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Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers spoke to The Gateway Pundit yesterday at Turning Point USA’s annual AmericaFest convention after Kari Lake’s first major speech following the stolen Midterm Election.

Lake gave an incredible speech last night in Phoenix, Arizona, where she trolled the Fake News Media in Trump fashion and told thousands of attendees, “I identify as a proud election-denying deplorable, and my pronouns are I/Won.”

The Gateway Pundit has written numerous reports on Kari Lake’s historic lawsuit to nullify and overturn the stolen Midterm Election or hold a new election free from conflicts of interest.

A Runbeck whistleblower revealed in Lake’s filing that HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of ballots had no chain of custody documentation. This is a shocking and massive violation of the law. Twenty-five thousand ballots were added to Maricopa County’s totals after election day with no explanation of why the number of remaining ballots could increase. Also, tens if not HUNDREDS of thousands of mail-in ballots with mismatched signatures were illegally counted in violation of Arizona law.

We later reported on a new discovery showing RINO Arizona House Speaker-elect Ben Toma’s clear conflict of interest and connection to Runbeck Election Services, the third-party company involved in the debacle outlined above.

BREAKING: Runbeck President And COO Jeff Ellington Is Chairman Of The Board of Directors For A Company Owned By RINO AZ House Speaker Ben Toma’s Family

New revelations show that Toma’s connection is not only familial. Toma has a direct financial connection to Runbeck.

BREAKING: AZ Representative BEN TOMA has a DIRECT financial connection to Runbeck CEO Jeffrey Ellington. Ben Toma funds Ellington through his Black Mountain Investment Company. Huge COI.@Rach_IC @BarnettforAZ @DecentFiJC@KariLake @KariLakeWarRoom https://t.co/aFmDtM7BkW pic.twitter.com/lFQp4MX2J1

— Election Mule (@ElectionMule) December 18, 2022

Lake had a court hearing today with oral arguments over motions to dismiss the lawsuit.

Judge Peter Thompson has not made a ruling on the matter, and evidentiary hearings are currently scheduled for December 21 and 22. Watch the entire hearing from December 19 here.

WATCH LIVE: Kari Lake’s Attorneys Give Oral Argument In Stolen Election Lawsuit Hearing

Previously, Judge Thompson ordered that Kari Lake’s petition to inspect ballots in the county from the 2022 mid-term election be granted. The inspection is expected to begin on December 20, 2022, at 8 am.

TGP correspondent Jordan Conradson spoke to Senator Wendy Rogers on Sunday for her thoughts on Lake’s speech, Ben Toma’s connections to Runbeck, and the upcoming court proceedings.

Conradson: What are your thoughts on [Kari Lake’s] speech?

Rogers: Well, great to be with you. Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah from sunny Phoenix, Arizona. I was very impressed with her speech. Of course, I’ve heard a lot of the talking points as you might expect, because my husband and I went on all these events with her toward the end of the campaign. This is a double heavy lift though for her because she not only has to restate her case, but also state the need for us to go through this legal process to recover the victory that she absolutely won.

Conradson: On top of these massive election discrepancies and irregularities that occurred on election day, we find out that Ben Toma, the Speaker of the House-elect, his family seems to be closely tied to this Runbeck president and COO. What does that tell you about the integrity of our election that’s run by this third party, where we found out that there’s 300,000 ballots that came out of there with no chain of custody?

Rogers: Well, just to kind of give you the timeline, we take the oath of office as the Senate and House on the ninth of January, and Representative Toma was elected by his house members to be the House Speaker of the majority. What we’re talking about here are some very troubling revelations that have come out in the last few days as to his relationship with his family members with Runbeck and so this is very concerning. And we cannot have any doubt as to the integrity of our elected officials, especially now, when we’re going through a very testy time with trying to restore election integrity and wondering if and how Kari Lake’s election was stolen. So, my thought on it is that he should absolutely answer any questions about it and then it will be up to his colleagues as to whether or not he stays in the seat.

Conradson: Based on the last hearing with this judge, his most recent ruling to allow plaintiffs relief to look at some machines and look at some ballots, what are you expecting this week with the lawsuit and the evidentiary hearings coming?

Rogers: We have oral arguments. I’m honestly, I Wendy Rogers, am very encouraged. I looked up this judge. I know of one really good decision he made on election integrity recently. And I noticed that he was an attorney for the Mesa, Arizona police department, third largest city in Arizona, he was an Army officer, he has breadth and depth in various legal areas. I also was impressed, as a layman, watching the administrative hearing where he laid out the agenda for all of the submittals that have to occur and the fact that there’s a two-day trial coming up. It was asked by the defendants to just have a short one or two-hour trial, which is ludicrous. And so now we have a two day trial. And when the defendant attorneys tried to be dismissive, he was very terse with them. So that told me that he wants to have this go out in a very logical, circumscribed manner. I was very impressed with Kari’s attorney Bryan Blehm, who is none other than one of two attorneys who were on the floor every day during the Arizona audit. So we have a team here, Kari Lake does, of excellent people who, you know, you wouldn’t know if they’re real famous or gold plated attorneys, but they have depth of knowledge on election integrity, and they have skin in the game, and they are patriots, and they want to make this right

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