TREASON: Biden’s State Department Announces Creation of “China House” to Manage US Competition with China

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Biden’s corrupt State Department announced a new entity they are creating named the “China House.”

There are many arrangements between the Biden family and China that could lead to blackmail from China against the Biden family.

Newsmax reports:

Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced Friday that the State Department is launching a new Office of China Coordination, known at the agency as “China House,” to manage competition with that country and advance a vision of having “an open, inclusive international system.”

“China House will ensure the U.S. government is able to responsibly manage our competition with the People’s Republic of China and advance our vision for an open, inclusive international system,” an agency press release announcing the office read. “Our goal in creating China House is to help deliver on elements of the administration’s approach to the PRC.”

The office will bring together a group of China experts to work with a variety of colleagues on issues addressing international security, economics, technology, multilateral diplomacy and strategic communications, the release read.

For years China has had policies that enabled the communist-run country to steal from the United States.  China’s theft of intellectual property is known around the world.

When President Trump put new trade agreement and tariffs in place, he helped American companies.  He also encouraged American companies to get out of communist China and work in freer nations, which they did.

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Then, in early 2020, China dropped the COVID bomb on the entire world.  This hurt not only China’s economy, but the entire world’s economy as well.

The US recovered quickly except in Democrat states that kept insane COVID policies in place.  China never has recovered.

The Biden family has many corrupt dealings with China.  Hunter was connected to one of China’s wealthiest businessmen .  Hunter was for sale and so was “the Big guy” – a reference to Joe Biden who always received a cut of the corrupt deals Hunter put in place.

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Now the Biden’s are giving more access to China in the US?  This is treason!

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