As Expected, The Gateway Pundit was the Top Target of the Big Tech-Govt. Alliance – Their Public Report Even Devoted an Entire Section to Gateway Pundit

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With the recent release of  “Twitter Files 6,” avid Gateway Pundit readers and listeners of my podcast know that we have been discussing these very “portals” of government and non-profit censorship that have existed within Twitter and other social media platforms for non-profits like the EIP/CIS/EI-ISAC and government agencies to use for months in order to censor American citizens.

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai has been talking about the EI-ISAC and CIS since early 2021 when he discovered these connections during his lawsuit against Massachusetts over his election “loss”.  ToreSays has also been talking about the DHS contracts with the EI-ISAC/CIS for perhaps even longer.

It wasn’t just the EI-ISAC or CIS though that were colluding with social media platforms and other cohorts alike to censor the American people during the 2020 election.  There were household names as well.  Non-profits most of us would recognize:  Common Cause, the NAACP, Defending Digital Democracy, MITRE, the National Conference on Citizenship, but perhaps, most notably,  the AARP.

The EIP was not only using teams of federal agents and government election officials to censor the American public, they were also encouraging and recruiting retired senior citizens to do the same.  So much for “professional fact checkers.”

The Long Fuse by the EIP mentions “The Gateway Pundit” at least 34 times in their report.  There is actually an exclusive dedicated section titled “The Gateway Pundit.”  We’re flattered.

Here, they mentioned TGP’s Twitter account, which thankfully was reinstated on Friday.

The Gateway Pundit is back! Thank you @elonmusk

— The Gateway Pundit (@gatewaypundit) December 16, 2022

The Gateway Pundit was suspended from Twitter back in February 2021 for spreading “misinformation”:  Open Records CCTV footage requested and paid for of a van dropping off 60+ boxes of ballots in the back of the TCF Center in Detroit around 3:30am and 4:30am.  The footage is consistent with sworn affidavits by former MI State Senator Patrick Colbeck and Shane Trejo.  Those boxes of ballots were brought inside, with no known chain of custody, and set aside until the next shift came in at 6am to start counting.  That shift, of course, had no idea that those ballots came in almost 8 hours after the deadline for ballots.  But yes, “misinformation”.  Even MI state representative Jack O’Malley didn’t know what he was talking about when he said that the footage was “debunked” as camera equipment (33:50 mark), not realizing he was referring to a completely separate incident.

This segment doesn’t mention The Gateway Pundit specifically, however, the “Philadelphia USB memory cards” story was not only factual, but widely reported on numerous “mainstream” news sites.   Here’s CBS News telling the story.  The Associated Press.  And a local NBC affiliate.  Did the AARP “fact checkers” or the EIP determine that there was no harm done from a stolen laptop and USB sticks in a Philadelphia election center just a month before the election and while early voting was underway?


As for the SolarWinds statement above, The Gateway Pundit didn’t say Dominion used the same software but rather that Dominion uses SolarWinds in general, which is absolutely accurate.  The below screen shot was the backend access to Dominion Voting’s website, which was quickly scrubbed to remove the SolarWinds reference.

The last highlighted portion talks about Lord Malloch Brown to demonstrate “supposed” ties to Dominion software systems and George Soros.  Lord Malloch Brown was on television discussing the “active license” between Smartmatic and Dominion in the Phillipines.  And he was also a little more than “on the board” of the Open Society Foundation:  on December 4th, just a month after the 2020 election, George Soros named Lord Malloch Brown President of Open Society.  Is that sufficient enough to be considered “supposed ties”?

I applaud Patrick Gaspard’s leadership of the Open Society Foundations in a world beset by illiberalism. Mark Malloch-Brown will be Open Society’s new president. He is deeply familiar with its work and shares my vision of philanthropy.

— George Soros (@georgesoros) December 4, 2020

Hopefully the “new” discoveries in the Twitter Files will be enough to really open up the minds of Americans so they may realize and understand what has been happening right under our noses in terms of government collusion with social media platforms, using non-profits and NGOs as “go-betweens.”

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