UPDATE: Virginia Veteran Owned Business Shut Down TWO YEARS After Violating State COVID Policy Has BIG Victory!

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Matt Strickland, owner of Gourmeltz in Fredricksburg, VA recently made the news after law enforcement agencies were dispatched to the restaurant to shut it down over COVID policy violations…from two years ago!

The Gateway Pundit covered this story here and here in December and July, respectively.

A recording emerged from that day of law enforcement shutting down the business two years after the violations:

Help me end this tyranny folks. No longer can you comply to stay comfortable. Fight back no matter the cost and help me save our country. 🇺🇸#standwithstrickland https://t.co/t7s70ZwICl

— Matt Strickland (@MattForVA) December 5, 2022

Apparently, politicians who didn’t have to take any time off during the COVID “pandemic” were unable to understand why citizens who weren’t afforded that same financial security were so stressed about how they were going to earn a living.

Well, on December 14th, Gourmeltz reported that they had not only won back their product and liquor licenses from the state, but they did so without “paying a dime”!

Gourmeltz addressed their Facebook fans and said:

Details to follow, but here’s a summary: we’re getting our product and license back, and we aren’t paying a dime.
When Patriots stand together & fight, we win. Every time. No government is more powerful than The People.
I thank all of you for battling with us. This proves WE can fix our country, but you can’t win a battle you don’t fight.

Despite numerous threats and attempts to shut down Gourmeltz by the state and federal government, he remained open and stood with the people. The Attorney General of Virginia sued Matt in an attempt to shut their doors, but he won. It restored his hope for our country’s future.

Through his fight against the tyrannical government, Matt realized a void in Virginia politics. None of his elected officials stood beside him in his fight against Northam and the overreaching mandates; they were silent on the issue. He wants to show these idle politicians what leadership is and how to represent the people they serve. That catalyst sparked Matt’s interest in running for State Senate.


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