Son of Paul Pelosi Attacker David DePape Says His Dad Wasn’t a Conservative – He Was a Progressive in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time

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The son of David DePape – Paul Pelosi’s “friend” who was arrested at the Pelosi home, says his dad was no conservative. 

David DePape sits in jail today after his “friend” Paul Pelosi called 911 late one night weeks ago in San Francisco.  DePape was silenced after the incident and sits in jail to this day.  He has not been allowed to speak to the press and his attorney only met him moments before his first hearing on the incident with Paul Pelosi.

Paul Pelosi Alleged Attacker David DePape Silenced – Media Kept Out of His Court Appearance – Now He’s in Jail Until Trial

The media attempted to align DePape with conservatives and claimed he was a right-winger.  Websites were created and assigned with his name but we were able to destroy these narratives and point out the anomalies in the data with the websites.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Numerous Anomalies Identified in David DePape Connected Websites Indicate He Did Not Create the Articles in These Websites Nor Did He Work Alone

The total narrative was and is nonsense.  Dan Ball from OAN covered this in a segment more than a month ago.


Yesterday, DePape’s son talked about his father:

As David DePape was getting ready for his preliminary hearing for the attack on Paul Pelosi, his son was giving an interview. 19-year-old Nebosvod ‘Sky’ Gonzalez, DePape’s biological son, spoke with The Daily Mail. Gonzales’s view of his father differs from the image of an ultra-MAGA right-wing maniac who is accused of attacking Pelosi after demanding to know the whereabouts of then-Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.


According to Gonzalez, DePape said that when he was a toddler, his grandmother once dumped a pot of boiling water on him. DePape would often escape to the beach to avoid the abuse. DePape, said Gonzalez, was regularly bullied in school and never had many friends as an adult. Gonzales added that when he and his siblings were younger, DePape would take them to the beach and park and “tried to be the best father he could be.” But Gonzalez said that DePape did not do much to improve the family’s finances. His main occupation seems to have been making bracelets. Gonzales’ mother, Oxan “Gypsy” Taub, kicked DePape out of the home following a fight. Gonzales has not had contact with DePape since that time. Taub is currently serving time at the California Institution for Women in Chino.

According to Gonzales, DePape said that the Republican and Democrat parties are nothing more than “colors and covers,” and held that the policies of the individual matter. Gonzales believes that DePape may have been a member of the Green Party, adding, “My father had progressive views, he believed in human rights, equality, and justice. He was against the war, he was a peace activist, hardly a right-wing conservative as he has been branded.”

David DePape was and is no violent conservative.  He is being prevented to share his side of the story.  The CCTV cameras and the police cameras showing him entering the Pelosi home to this day are not being provided by the Pelosis and the police.  

This case is being guarded as closely as the Kennedy assassination and the 2020 Election steal.  We wonder why?

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