Anti-Woke Indian Immigrant Calls out Democrats on their Woke and Divisive Ideology Through CRT – Roasts Rep. Raskin and Rep. Tlaib

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On Tuesday, Congressional Subcommittee on Civil Rights and Liberties Chairman Jamie Raskin (D-MD) convened a hearing to discuss the federal government’s response to domestic terrorist threats, including those presented by the so-called ‘white supremacist ideologies.’

“We live in a violent society and the violence exists across the spectrum of political extremism. But the movements of violent white supremacy and anti-government extremism lead America in fomenting terroristic violence and disseminating propaganda to incite it,” said Chairman Raskin in his opening statement.

“Both the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security identify white supremacy as the most lethally dangerous domestic terrorism threat our country faces,” Raskin continued.

Wall Street Journal writer Asra Nomani, an anti-woke mother and a parents’ rights advocate who immigrated to the US from India, was invited to the House Oversight Committee to talk about the woke and divisive ideology pushed by the Democrats.

Nomani slammed critical race theory, wokeness, and the poor education of children in the US as a “threat to democracy.”

Wearing a shirt that her father made and inspired by AOC’s dress, Nomani stated, “And it says on here the names that we, the parents in the United States of America, have been called… things like Domestic Terrorist, White Supremacist, QAnon Moms. What is it that we, the parents, have dared to stand up against in the United States of America over the last couple of years? It is a divisive ideology expressed through this book called Critical Race Theory. It is a book that is taught in law schools, but it is translated into our school systems with books like this.”

“Whiteness is a bad deal – signing a contract with the devil. What is the message in this? The message is the shaming of human beings. No child should be shamed. And why is this a threat to our democracy? Because we then have posters like this one in the Los Angeles School District. What does it say? F America with KKK replacing the C. Because the idea is that our nation has become a white supremacist nation, and that is not true,” she said.

“This is an ideology that I call the Woke Army. It is an ideology of activists who are going through America school districts and our communities, and what they are doing is a threat to democracy.

Nomani went on to say that students’ “learning loss” can result in extremism. She then attacked Raskin and Talib by pointing out the low literacy rates in their respective districts.

“It is the learning loss that has happened in our school districts. The Department of Justice declares clearly the characteristics that lead any human being to extremism include having less education. Chairman Raskin, I don’t know if you know it, but the reading level in your school district in Montgomery County Schools is at 32% of kids that are reading at grade level. Math is at 30%. Congresswoman Tlaib is here in Detroit, it’s 18% and then 12% for Math.”

“It is a failure. This is a system failure. Our children are in a crisis today, and the idea that we, the parents, are now the agents of white supremacy is unacceptable,” she continued.

Watch the video below:

“My family survived white supremacy in India…”

Anti-woke immigrant & mother calls out Democrats’ woke progressivism in fiery Congressional testimony.

— (@townhallcom) December 14, 2022

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