Christina Bobb Joins the War Room and Outlines the Mohave County Election Lawsuit in Arizona

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Christina Bobb opines on today’s lawsuit in Arizona involving Mohave County.  

Earlier today, TGP reported that Mohave County in Arizona filed a lawsuit against Arizona’s corrupt Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, and Maricopa County.  The claim is that because of the messed up Maricopa County election, the voters of Mohave County in Arizona were disenfranchised.

Mohave County delayed certification of their election results following the midterm election amid expressed uncertainty over the validity of Maricopa County’s results. They certified their results about two weeks ago. Chairman Ron Gould stated during the certification that he was compelled under threat of arrest to certify the results.

Breaking: State Senator Sonny Borrelli and Mohave County Arizona Voters File Lawsuit Against Katie Hobbs and Maricopa County Officials – Claim Fraudulent Midterm Election Disenfranchized Voters

Christina Bobb was on the War Room this morning where she discussed this case.

Bobb discussed the fact that Maricopa County effectively outsourced signature validation in the state which goes against state law.  “The county is not allowed to outsource important aspects of the election.  There’s nothing in the law that allows them to do that.”

This work in Maricopa is outsourced to Runbeck which is the printer of ballots in Maricopa County and across the country as well.

Bobb also mentioned our post yesterday where we outlined the many connections between Runbeck and the Democrat Party.

Shocking News: Owners of Top Election Printing Companies Runbeck and Cathedral Donated Frequently to Democrat PACs

The signature verification was also performed by Runbeck in Arizona on the absentee ballots just like in 2020 and this as well is being performed unlawfully in the state.

Watch the entire interview with Christing Bobb below to find out what is going on in this new lawsuit in Arizona.

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