US Elections Are a Mess – They End in Confusion and Americans’ Are Losing Their Faith in Free and Fair Elections in the Process

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Democrats love messed-up elections.  They create them.  This is how they steal them as well.

In the 2020 caucus in Iowa, the Democrats took a month to determine the eventual winner.

What a Train Wreck!…. DEMOCRAT PARTY SECRETIVE APP CRASHES Hours Before Iowa Caucus Reporting — Results Delayed!

It took a month before the results were finalized.  New York Mag reported:

Twenty-four days after Caucus Night, the final, no-kidding, this-is-it results of the Iowa caucuses were released in the dead of last night. After a selective re-canvass called to check precinct captains’ math, and then a selective recount (asked for by the Buttigieg and Sanders campaigns) of individual caucusgoers’ preference cards, Pete Buttigieg held on to a tiny advantage over Bernie Sanders in state delegate equivalents, the arcane measurement always used by Iowa to determine caucus winners after alignment and realignment of caucusgoers in over 1,700 precincts, Mayor Pete wound up with 562.954 SDEs, and Bernie with 562.021 (Elizabeth Warren was a distant third with 388.44). By virtue of winning statewide and in two congressional districts, Buttigieg will have 14 Iowa delegates to the national convention, with Sanders receiving 12, Warren eight, Biden six, and Klobuchar one.

Iowa and the Democrat primaries were a total train wreck.  It was clear for the second straight election that Bernie Sanders was eliminated from contention by those running the Democrat Party and Joe Biden was given the win.  Any votes were only for show.

Next came the 2020 Election.  The Iowa caucuses should have prepared us.

In state after state separate and often similar issues were identified that caused Americans to question the integrity of our elections.  Dilbert’s Scott Adams shared that once the 2020 Election was non-transparent by force, it was over and never should have been certified.  He shows multiple examples of this in key cities in key swing states.

The 2020 election was #NonTransparent by force. #Bullying to cheat. #StopTheSteal

— Dr. Kelli Ward (@kelliwardaz) December 5, 2020

We saw cars showing up under facilities in the wee hours of the morning after the election, ballots recorded for Joe Biden at the same time in tens of thousands and millions of ballots counted for Joe Biden after election day.

Ten Reasons the 2020 Election Never Should Have Been Certified – Where Is Ronna McDaniel and the GOP on These Important Items?

Next comes the 2022 election and more of the same.  Unrealistic and questionable results appeared in the primaries and in the 2022 general election.  Arizona is probably the worst.

Kari Lake is now suing individuals throughout the state of Arizona for certifying this election.  She has lots of information and data to support her case.

BREAKING: Kari Lake Files 70 Page Lawsuit to Throw Out Fraudulent Arizona Midterm Election Results – Claims HUNDREDS of Thousands of Illegal Ballots, 59% of ED Precinct Machine Failures, Tens of Thousands of Illicit Mail-in Ballots – FILING INCLUDED

Americans want free and fair elections.  We don’t want elections that are manufactured for candidates we don’t like or elect. 

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