Peter McCullough’s Medical Freedom Company Launches Vaccine Exemption Program

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“No one should be forced to get a vaccine against their will, but until the laws change our medical professionals stand ready to work with you or a loved one to assist in securing vaccine exemptions.” – The Wellness Company

Dr. Peter McCullough’s medical freedom company, The Wellness Company, has just launched a program offering consult with licensed professionals who can help secure medical vaccine exemptions.

If any of these apply to you, you could be eligible for a medical exemption:

– Previous exposure and/or a history with viruses addressed by vaccines

– Allergies or other adverse reactions from prior vaccine administration

– Autoimmune diseases or other compromising conditions

– Weakened or sensitive immune system and/or other immune deficiencies

– Suffering from current chronic conditions

– Concerned about safety of vaccines.

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Medical vaccine exemption letters can be completed on Wellness Company letterhead or you can upload your own from an employer or educational organization.

The steps to getting a consult for a medical vaccine exemption letter are easy.

All you have to do is:

Purchase the medical exemption package (click here)
Complete a medical exemption intake form
Complete a consultation with a Wellness Company medical provider
Receive a signed medical exemption letter specific to your circumstances

There are many valid reasons for requesting and receiving medical exemptions.

Every patient is different and deserves to be considered for various exemptions according to their needs.

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