What I listened to in 2022

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I am listing only new releases:

Bach, Johann Sebastian, complete Sonatas and Partitas for violin, Fabio Biondi.  Perhaps the only recording I like as much as the older (stereo) Milstein performance?

Bach, Johann Sebastian, The Art of Life, Daniil Trifonov, The Art of the Fugue (favorite of Thomas Schelling!) is the main work here.  Schelling, by the way, was especially fond of the Grigory Sokolov recording of this work.

van Baerle Trio, Beethoven complete piano trios

Beethoven, Kreuzer sonata for violin and piano, Clara-Jumi Kang and Sunwook Kim

William Byrd, John Bull, The Visionaries of Piano Music, played by Kit Armstrong

Handel, George Frideric, Eight Great Suites and Overtures, by Francesco Corti on harpischord

Matthias Kirschnereit plays Mozart, the complete piano concerti, and two Rondos

Mozart, La flûte enchantée (yes in French), conducted by Hervé Niquet

Shostakovich/Stevenson, mostly Op.87, piano music, by Igor Levit

Szymanowski, Karol, Piano Works, by Krystian Zimerman

By far my biggest discovery was Benjamin Alard playing the complete keyboard works of Bach, mostly on organ and clavichord.  These are some of the best recordings of the best music I have heard, ever.

There is much more, but those were the highlights.  I listened to plenty of so-called “popular music” too, but I don’t think anything you would need me to tell you about.

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