Steve Bannon and Jason Miller Reportedly Advising Brazil’s Bolsonaro on Next Steps After Stolen Election

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The recent election in Brazil was similar in many ways to the recent corrupted, uncertifiable, and stolen elections in the US.  Now there are reports that former Trump Chief Strategist Steve Bannon and Senior Adviser Jason Miller are reportedly assisting the Bolsonaro regime. 

TGP has reported extensively on the stolen election in Brazil.  Despite gaining huge majorities in the legislature, President Bolsonaro somehow did not beat the criminal and socialist party leader in the election.

In response, President Bolsonaro called for an audit of the results and recently filed a legal complaint due to the incomprehensible results.

BREAKING: Bolsonaro’s Party in Brazil Files Legal Complaint Challenging Lula’s Election Steal

One thing is clear – the people in Brazil are behind President Bolsonaro.  They know their votes were stolen.

HOW IT’S DONE: Over 3 Million Brazilians Protest Election Fraud – Bolsonaro to Annul the Steal!

Bolsonaro is not alone according to the far left Washington Post.

While tens of thousands of supporters of President Jair Bolsonaro camp outside military facilities across Brazil to protest his election loss, members of Bolsonaro’s inner circle are meeting with advisers to former president Donald Trump to discuss next steps.

Brazilian congressman Eduardo Bolsonaro, the president’s son, has visited Florida since the Oct. 30 vote, meeting Trump at Mar-a-Lago and strategizing with other political allies by phone. He spoke with former Trump strategist Stephen K. Bannon, who was in Arizona assisting the campaign of GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, about the power of the pro-Bolsonaro protests and potential challenges to the Brazilian election results, Bannon said. He lunched in South Florida with former Trump campaign spokesman Jason Miller, now CEO of the social media company Gettr, and discussed online censorship and free speech, Miller said.

Neither Trump nor Eduardo Bolsonaro responded to requests for comment.
Those conversations have mirrored debates unfolding in Brasília, where Bolsonaro’s supporters are discussing next steps for his populist conservative movement. That movement is facing a reckoning not unlike that of the American right after Trump’s 2020 loss over how to sustain itself when its charismatic standard-bearer has been defeated.

The mainstream media including the Washington Post, are reluctant to report on the size of the lead that Bolsonaro’s party gained in the Brazilian legislature.

The international media also will not share photos of the millions who support Bolsonaro who continue to protest on the streets for several weeks now!

The international media has apparently agreed to a collective blackout on the Brazilian protests!

In addition, the media won’t report on the tyrannical actions of one member of the Brazil Supreme Court.

Brazil Was Stolen: Communist Judge Refuses to Examine Fraud, Wants to Fine Bolsonaro’s Party and Freeze Funds

It’s good to know some American heroes are involved in assisting Bolsonaro in his efforts to save his election win. 

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