England’s Soccer Team Takes a Knee Before World Cup Match Against USA – Here’s Why

Displeased black man looking at camera while being on public anti-racism demonstrations. Crow of people is in the background.
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England soccer players took a knee before their match with the United States team on Sunday.

England also took a knee before the game with Iran earlier this week.

Iranian protesters are currently holding mass protests against the brutal Khamenei regime back home.

England usher in Qatar’s first World Cup match against Iran. There is an impressive scene, that is, England players kneel on one knee before the game to express their opposition to racial discrimination. #usa #QatarWorldCup pic.twitter.com/EmPSkrms8N

— Molly MacPherson (@MollyMa59122500) November 23, 2022

But that is not why the British players are kneeling.

The woke British players are kneeling before each game at this year’s World Cup as a gesture of inclusivity.

Goal.com reported:

England head coach Gareth Southgate revealed that his players would ‘take the knee’ at World Cup 2022 to send a message to young people “that inclusivity is very important”. The Three Lions boss explained that the gesture is a symbol of what his team stands for.

While England did not kneel ahead of their pre-World Cup games in the UEFA Nations League, their manager believes that it was important for them to do it on the biggest stage.

“We have discussed ‘taking the knee’. We feel we should [do it],” Southgate told reporters in Qatar ahead of their opening game against Iran. “It’s what we stand for as a team and what we have done for a long period of time.

“Of course, we understand that in the Premier League the clubs have decided to only do that for certain games, on big occasions. We feel this (the World Cup) is the biggest [occasion].

“We think it’s a strong statement that will go around the world, for young people in particular to see that inclusivity is very important.”

The Brits support the trans community. Do they even know what that means? Are they against women’s sports then?

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