Brazil Was Stolen: Communist Judge Refuses to Examine Fraud, Wants to Fine Bolonaro’s Party and Freeze Funds

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Enthusiatic crowd welcomes President Bolsonaro at Planalto Presidential Palace Wednesday

Radical left-wing Supreme Court Judge Alexandre de Moraes wants to fine the Liberal Party (PL) allied with President Jair Bolsonaro $4.1 million, freeze its bank accounts and investigate the Party’s chairman after the PL presented its report into the massive electoral fraud in Brazil. The confrontation between the corrupt Supreme Court and the executive branch threatens to escalate.

The Liberal Party (PL) presented its report Tuesday saying that the results of pre-2020 electonic voting machines are open to manipulation and could not be verified. Using only the results from the secure 2020 electonic voting machines, the PL found that President Jair Bolsonaro won 51,05% of the vote and Communist challenger Lula da Silva only 48,95%.

The Technical Report on the Malfunctioning of Electronic Ballot Boxes submitted by PL head Valdemar Costa Neto to the leftist Superior Electoral Court (TSE) points out “serious and irremediable” inconsistencies in the functioning of part of the electronic voting machines. “The only votes that can be considered valid, as verifiable and auditable, in the second round of the 2022 election are those resulting from the 2020 model ballot boxes,” argues the party, based on an audit by the Instituto Voto Legal (IVL).

“What we seek to demonstrate with this empirical result extracted from the electronic voting machines of the EU2020 model (again, uniformly distributed throughout the country by the Electoral Justice itself), based on valid audit elements that attest to the authenticity of the electoral result with the necessary certainty — as requested by the Superior Electoral Court itself — is that the valid and auditable votes of the Second Round of the 2022 electoral process attest to a result different from that announced by the Superior Electoral Court on 10/30/2022, conferring a percentage of 51.05 % of the vote to President Jair Bolsonaro, according to the PL.

Previous studies conducted by Argentine consultant Fernando Cerimedo and the legally required review by the Armed Forces have also found serious problems with the Brazilian electonic voting machines. The military report found evidence of “access to the network during the compilation of the source code“ that could represent “a major risk to the security of the process“. The report submitted by the Minister of Defense General Paulo Sergio Nogueira concluded that “it is not possible to affirm that the electronic voting system is free from the influence of any malicious code that could alter its operation.“ General Nogueira asked for a “technical investigation to better understand what is happening in the system.”

The left-wing Superior Electoral Court run by corrupt Supreme Court Judge Alexandre de Moraes refused to produce the software run on the electonic voting machines or permit any further investigation, and instead claimed that “the final report of the Ministry of Defense … did not point out the existence of any fraud or inconsistency in the electronic voting machines and in the electoral process of 2022.”

This false claim was then parroted by media throughout the world.

Bogus AP Fake News headline: “Brazil: Military does not detect irregularities”.

Instead, Alexandre de Moraes wants to have the General Nogueira removed for “endangering the constitution”. On Wednesday 11/16,  de Moraes sent a request to the Attorney General’s Office to remove the Minister of Defense, O Antagonista reports.

Now, corrupt judge Alexandre de Moraes rejected the PL’s request for verification of the ballot boxes and ordered the party to pay a fine of BRL 22.9 million (US$ 4.1 million). Moraes also ordered the freezing of party funds from Bolsonaro’s coalition “until the payment of the fine, as well as the initiation of an administrative procedure on ‘possible misuse of the party structure, including the Party Fund, in particular with regard to the conduct of Valdemar Costa Neto and Carlos Rocha’ — author of the study by Instituto Voto Legal”, O Antagonista reports.

YouTube has demonetized the Jovem Pan news channel for supposed “election disinformation”. Jovem Pan is “the only cable news TV not pushing far-left-only talking points, and last Tuesday beat all cable news as most watched nationwide,” accordning to Brazil News in English.


Matthew Tyrmand on War Room: “The Party Of Brazil’s Bolsonaro Moves To Annul Election Over Inability To Audit Machines”








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