Elon Musk Discovers ‘Woke’ Stash of Swag Inside Closet At Twitter’s HQ (Video)

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CEO of Twitter Elon Musk confirmed yesterday that Twitter had an extreme bias against conservatives.  

Recently, Musk made a hilarious discovery inside a closet located at Twitter’s headquarters.

A newly released video from Musk shows him finding a closet full of t-shirts with the phrase #staywoke.

The closet had hundreds of t-shirts collecting dust and appeared to be part of a failed marketing campaign.


Found in closet at Twitter HQ fr pic.twitter.com/3xSI3KvvHk

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November 23, 2022

Twitter’s former CEO Jack Dorsey wore this shirt back in 2016.


Behold: The most painful T-shirt on the Internet: https://t.co/AAxJDqUDr7 pic.twitter.com/007FAf0Xfh

— Esquire (@esquire) June 2, 2016

The shirts were sold through an affiliated website on Twitter.

The link however no longer works:

Our #StayWoke shirts are now available for purchase. Buy one now through April 23rd! https://t.co/YuIdmA6nPk pic.twitter.com/v8uZGxfvM0

— Twitter Blackbirds (@Blackbirds) April 12, 2016

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