Closing Arguments today in Oathkeepers Show Trial: One of the Greatest Legal Travesties in US History

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As closing arguments start Friday in the Oathkeepers trial, the government has yet to prove defendants Stewart Rhodes, Kelly Meggs, Kenneth Harrelson, Jessica Watkins, and Thomas Caldwell engaged in activities beyond misdemeanor trespassing.

FBI Special Agent John Moore recently took the stand as a witness, saying “I don’t know” at least a dozen times in response to the defense’s questions.

Judge Amit Mehta allowed Moore to speculate on Stewart Rhodes’ motives for purchasing the firearms displayed in the courtroom.

When the defense asked Moore whether Rhodes’ gun ownership was legal, Moore said:

“Yeah, it was legal.”

“But in terms of planning to bring civil war to every state capitol, we’re looking at something much bigger.”

Moore proved Rhodes owned the guns but did not state they were even brought to DC on Jan. 6.

Next, he insinuated the dispersion of group members from Washington DC to diverse rural areas after Jan. 6th revealed a conspiracy to overthrow the government.

However, members of the group were texting back and forth, implying they needed a break from the DC area. They wanted to unwind. Rhodes did not tell these individuals where to go. People traveled on their own free will.

Prosecutors are attempting to string together private group chats as evidence of coordination. However, there is no reference or discussion tracing back to a specific criminal behavior.

Is the government making a vague argument and manipulating a few words of “locker room talk” to make a story that doesn’t fit?

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Investigative journalist has more on the Oath Keeper show trial.

spent what must be millions investigating, incarcerating, and prosecuting unarmed people who walked into a public building through an open door after Congress recessed on Jan 6. They stayed for about 20 minutes, hurt no one, vandalized nothing.

These prosecutors should be…

— Julie Kelly (@julie_kelly2) November 17, 2022

heels as it has been throughout case bc Judge Mehta (Obama) has favored DOJ nearly every step. Defense seems very cautious–perhaps understandably.

I’m struck at the difference btw this and Whimter trial, where defense was super aggressive esp related to exposing FBI involvement

— Julie Kelly (@julie_kelly2) November 17, 2022

Underscores what rock stars the defense attorneys for Whitmer fednapping defendants were.

I feel sorry for the jury–most seem bored, one nodded off, and only a few taking active notes. (At the end of week 6)

And lead prosecutor has watched WAYYY too many LA Laws or something.

— Julie Kelly (@julie_kelly2) November 17, 2022

In our previous post we identified several likely fed operatives who infiltrated the Oathkeepers and know that no crimes were committed.

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