THE POLITICAL PRISONER PODCAST: This Week J-6 Prisoner Jake Lang Interviews Dinesh D’Souza on the 2022 Midterms and GOP’s Dereliction of Duty (AUDIO)

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THE POLITICAL PRISONER PODCAST — This Week Jake Lang Interviews Dinesh D’Souza from his prison block at a maximum security facility in Virginia

Jake Lang was nearly killed on January 6th when he was gassed and smothered in a huge pile of people on the steps of the US Capitol.  The woman beside him, Rosanne Boyland, was killed that day.  She was gassed and crushed in the pile.  Capitol Police Officer Lila Morris was filmed beating Rosanne with a stick after she was passed out.  While Jake was buried under the pile, Capitol police continued to push protesters on top of him.  Jake also saw Philip Anderson’s limp body laying next to Rosanne Boyland. Jake was able to pull Anderson to safety and save his life that day.  Later Jake was seen battling with police who continued their deadly assault on Trump supporters.  Four Trump supporters died that day.

Today, Jake Lang languishes in prison, alone, for 20 hours a day.  Jake has not been convicted of a crime.  He has been held in prison by the Biden regime for nearly two years now.  Democrats celebrate this.  They think this is a good thing.

On several occasions, Jake has been cast into solitary confinement without any justification. Jake has been transferred to eight different detention facilities over the course of the last 22 months.

“The Political Prisoner Podcast” will air each week, when possible, on The Gateway Pundit.  This recorded call allows Jake to do what he can to spread hope and truth while he awaits his fate at the hands of a Washington DC kangaroo court.

In this week’s podcast Jake interviewed Dinesh D’Souza from his prison block and focused on the 2022 midterm.

Dinesh D’Souza commented on how patriots are watching more closely this year and are even camping out at the election drop boxes.  “When people are aware nationwide, it’s really difficult to deploy the kind of network that was deployed in 2020.”

Dinesh added this, “With regard to January 6th, the Republican Party has been really derelict in my opinion with the exception of a handful of Republicans in the House and virtually none in the Senate.  Republicans tend to deal with these issues, whether it’s election denial, whether it’s January 6th, by essentially going into hiding under the desk.”

So true.

Jake was able to pull this off from prison where he is being held unconstitutionally for nearly two years now.

The Gateway Pundit is honored to provide these podcasts to the American public.

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