What rises and falls in status through the FTX story?

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More than one MR reader has requested this post, so here goes:


Common-sense morality
Common-sense investing rules
American corporate governance

Boards, and nervousness about related-party transactions


Seen as stodgy and bloated for much of the past year. But run in the US, listed in the US, and properly segregating customer funds.

Elon Musk’s ability to judge character
Vitalik and Ethereum
Anthony Trollope, Herman Melville, and the 19th century novel.  Books more generally.
U.S. regulation of domestic exchanges – it is one of the things we seem to do best, and they created little trouble during 2008-2009, or for that matter during the pandemic
CBDC, and sadly so
Crypto forensics
Twitter and weird anon accounts

When would the trouble have been exposed if not for Twitter? And much of the best coverage came from accounts with names like Autism Capital.
Some critics (like Aaron Levie), too.


After a cataclysm for the crypto sector, it’s down about 15% over the past month. That’s less than the S&P 500 lost during the worst month of the GFC.


Effective Altruism

A totalizing worldview that has enabled some undesirable weirdness in different places.
Valorizing “scope sensitivity” and expected value leads people violently astray.

Being unmarried (and male) above the age of 30
Being on the cover of magazines

And if you see “the next Buffett”, run.

Appearing with blonde models
Buying Super Bowl ads and sponsoring sports and putting your name on arenas
“Earn to give” as both a concept and a phrase
Mrs. Jellyby
Weird locations for corporate offices
Venture capital
Our ability to see crazes for what they are in the moment

This is not just, or even mainly, about crypto


Adderall and modafinil, perhaps stronger stuff also played a role.

The children of influential faculty

Do they grow up witnessing low-accountability systems and personality behaviors?

What else?  I thank several individuals for their assistance with this post.

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