World Economic Forum Scrubs FTX Page from Its Website – CEO Was a Speaker at Davos

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The FTX bankruptcy is now attracting the attention of some of the most notorious groups on earth. 

TGP reported on FTX this weekend with the most shocking news contained in this article.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Tens of Billions of US Dollars Were Transferred to Ukraine and then Using FTX Crypto Currency the Funds Were Laundered Back to Democrats in US

We’re still trying to put the pieces together.  To summarize:

Last week, investors rushed to withdraw their funds from FTX, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, fearing that it was about to collapse.

The company’s owner, Sam Bankman-Fried, claimed that there was no risk to the fund. That turned out not to be true: On Friday, FTX filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and Bankman-Fried stepped down as CEO.

It has since been reported that at least $1 billion of customers’ money has gone missing, and there were rumors that Bankman-Fried had fled to South America, which he denied.

In addition to at least $1 billion lost we also uncovered that FTX was involved in transactions with Ukraine.

We also know that the now former CEO of FTX presented with Bill Clinton at the recent Clinton Global Initiative. If the Clintons are related to it, it has to be shady.

Today it was reported that the World Economic Forum scrubbed its webpage showing its connection with FTX.

NEW – Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum has scrubbed the page about the FTX crypto exchange from its website.

— (@disclosetv) November 14, 2022

The New York Post also shared:

Web archive sites show that the World Economic Forum — whose glitzy shindig in Davos, Switzerland, is a must-attend for billionaires and world leaders each year — had previously listed FTX as one of its “partners,” touting the Bahamas-based firm as a “cryptocurrency exchange built by traders, for traders.”

Bankman-Fried also was a speaker at Davos last May alongside luminaries such as Google financial chief Ruth Porat and Bill Winters, CEO of the London-based financial giant Standard Chartered. Nevertheless, WEF has since scrubbed any mention of FTX from its website in the days after the crypto exchange filed for bankruptcy.

The Geneva-based organization headed by Klaus Schwab didn’t immediately respond to Post inquiries. According to one WEF insider, Bankman-Fried likely landed on the group’s site because he donated cash to the group, in addition to his upcoming speaking gig.

What was the WEF doing with FTX?

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