THE STEAL: The Number of House Seats Continues to Dwindle As GOP Leaders Remain Silent and Ignore Reality

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The race for control of the US House is not over.  It’s not over till the Democrats say it’s over. 

The world is watching in amazement as corrupt election officials and politicians across the country can’t seem to finalize the results of an election five days ago.  Texas and Florida can complete their election results a few hours after the election, but other states are days away, if not weeks.

The 2022 Election was supposed to be a route for the GOP.  Biden and his gang of America-destroying communists are understandably not well-liked.  They are even hated for their actions in Afghanistan, with the economy, the Jan 6 communist kangaroo court, and much more.  Most Americans can’t list three things that this administration has done for the good of America.  Many can’t name one thing.

China is very happy with the Biden regime, and so are Soros and Obama.  The destruction of America is near complete.  Free speech and free and fair elections were on the ballot.

On Monday, the night before the election, Real Clear Politics, which leans left because of its use of left-leaning polls, had the GOP winning 227 seats with a good chance at gaining many of the remaining 34 toss-up seats.

But the red wave never occurred.  In states like Iowa and Florida, formerly swing states, the GOP crushed the Dems.  But in other states with known corrupt actors and politicians and fraudulent elections, the GOP failed.  They failed to protect their elections.

On Friday, three days after the election, CNN showed the House races as follows. 211 seats right now for the GOP, and 198 for the Dems.

But by Saturday CNN showed the GOP still at 211 seats but the Dems picked up 5 seats on Friday.

This morning (Sunday) CNN shows the Democrats gaining another seat on Saturday while the GOP stayed at 211.

NBC News now projects a very narrow GOP win of 219 seats to the Dems 216.

Where is the GOP leadership as the Democrats slowly steal the US House?  Where’s McCarthy?  Where’s McDaniel?  Where was McConnell in the Senate races? 

Why are we not hearing GOP leadership standing up for the candidates who are still in the race and for those who had their races stolen with massive ballot drops out of nowhere?

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