MUST SEE January 6th Documentary to Premier TONIGHT ON NEWSMAX!! ‘Shame of a Nation’ Reveals Civil Rights Violations of Jan. 6 Defendants!

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NEWSMAX’s Powerful New Documentary Premieres Tonight (Nov. 13) at 9pm ET!!

See trailer:

New York, New York — NEWSMAX is pleased to announce that its new documentary “Shame of a Nation” will premiere Sunday night at 9pm Eastern.

“Shame of a Nation” details the Jan. 6 Committee’s one-sided, false political narrative and relentless pursuit against former President Trump, his family, and staff, and the Department of Justice’s tactics to break the Jan. 6 defendants and detainees financially and psychologically.

The shameless January 6th Unselect Committee persecuted American citizens for political purposes. They must be investigated by the new Republican House of Representatives.

“The Democrats are using the Jan. 6 defendants and detainees as pawns to paint Trump supporters as domestic terrorists and to keep President Trump out of the White House in 2024,” said co-executive producer Jack Thomas Smith.

The Munn family before their persecution by the Biden Regime and solicitation by the January 6th Unselect Committee.

“Shame of a Nation” was produced by NEWSMAX to accurately and fairly detail not only the tragic events of Jan. 6, 2021, but the serious civil rights violations that occurred against many of the protesters.

The film includes a careful examination of the House Jan. 6 Committee and the unprecedented weaponization of the Department of Justice and the FBI for political purposes.

The program includes exclusive interviews with former Trump strategist Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Jan. 6 attorney Joseph D. McBride, former Trump trade adviser Peter Navarro, former DOD Chief of Staff Kash Patel, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., Rep. Greg Steube, R-Fla., #Walkaway Campaign Founder Brandon Straka, retired U.S. Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant Jessie Jane Duff, investigative journalist Cara Castronuova, Matt Perna’s aunt Geri Perna, Ryan Nichols’ wife Bonnie Nichols, optometrist Dr. Nicole Kish, and Norman, Oklahoma Councilman Rarchar Tortorello.

January prisoner Chris Quaglin with his son before his persecution by the Regime. Quaglin hasn’t seen his son in over a year and a half as he still awaits trial in unconstitutional pretrial detention at DC Gitmo.

Award-winning filmmaker Jack Thomas Smith directed and co-executive produced the film, working with his production company Fox Trail Productions and his co-executive producer Mandy Del Rio.

Real crimes were committed by protesters on Jan. 6. Yet, in the aftermath of that day, the political party in power weaponized the Department of Justice, FBI, and other agencies — leading to unprecedented civil rights violations of U.S. citizens who engaged in those protests.

Marjorie Taylor Greene, one of the only Republicans to stand up for the January 6th detainee’s civil rights, will appear in the Documentary in exclusive interviews.

“The civil rights of the Jan. 6 defendants — including the ones currently being detained — are being violated. Every American has a right to a fair and speedy trial. But in many cases we’re not seeing that with the J6ers,” says Jack Thomas Smith.

He notes that many detainees have been held in solitary confinement for prolonged periods and have not received proper medical care, citing the example of Chris Worrell being denied cancer treatment by the D.C. Jail, for which the warden was held in contempt of court.

Cancer patient Chris Worrell was detained for over a year in solitary confinement at DC Gitmo, denied medical services.

There have been accusations of mistreatment by the guards and other inmates as well as inhumane living conditions — mold on the walls, toilets that don’t work, and inedible food — as well as denial of religious services, haircuts, shaving, even fingernail trimming.

DC Jail is a notorious and filthy establishment where many complaints have been filed for civil rights violations. J6 Political Prisoners languish in tiny cells behind solid doors that replace bars.

“Many have been denied bail,” says Smith. “Their due process rights are being violated with numerous hearing delays and postponements — causing mental anguish and financial hardship — forcing many to take plea deals while staring down at the possibility of 20 years in prison for obstruction of an official proceeding.”

The Reffitt family was torn in half when the FBI convinced teenager Jackson Reffitt to record conversations with his unknowing father and entrap him. Reffitt was sentenced to 7 years in prison. Reffitt did not enter the Capitol.

In addition, Smith asserts, the Jan. 6 Committee has created “a one-sided narrative to the public to cast former President Trump, his family, his staff, and his supporters in the worst possible light. In the process, they are making it impossible for the Jan. 6 defendants to have a trial by a fair and impartial jury.”

The unfair and partial jury pool of Washington DC attend a “watch party” of the January 6th Unselect Committee. Various independent polls show that a DC Jury will never find a J6 Defendant not guilty, regardless of circumstance.

Smith adds, “The Department of Justice has been politicized and weaponized.”

Political Prisoner Guy Reffitt weeps uncontrollably as his son Jackson testifies against him. He is consoled by a US Marshall that accompanied him to court.

“Shame of a Nation” premieres on NEWSMAX on Sunday, Nov. 13 at 9pm Eastern. Please check NEWSMAX for additional air times. Find NEWSMAX TV in your home:

About NEWSMAX – Newsmax Media, Inc. operates Newsmax, the nation’s fourth highest-rated cable news network and a top 25 cable channel, according to Nielsen. Newsmax is carried on all major cable and satellite systems, and is also available in more than 100 million U.S. homes through most streaming platforms. Newsmax’s media properties reach more than 40 million Americans regularly through Newsmax TV, the Newsmax App, its popular website, and publications like Newsmax Magazine. Forbes has called Newsmax “a news powerhouse.”

About Jack Thomas Smith and Mandy Del Rio – Jack Thomas Smith is a noted producer and director. He created, directed, and co-executive produced the TV series “War Heroes,” hosted by Benghazi hero Kris Paronto. He also directed and co-executive produced the NEWSMAX documentaries “9/11: The Day That Shook the World,” “Socialism in America,” “Day of Outrage,” and “America Burning.”

Mandy Del Rio is the host and producer of the cable TV talk show “The Indie Lounge.” She served as an executive producer on the documentary TV series “War Heroes” and co-executive produced “9/11: The Day That Shook the World,” “Socialism in America,” “Day of Outrage,” and “America Burning” for NEWSMAX.

Co-Producers Mandy Del Rio and Jack Thomas Smith with Newsmax Host Greg Kelly.

*Gateway Pundit Investigative Journalist Cara Castronuova will appear in the documentary.

Cara Castronuova is a co-Founder of C.A.P.P. (Citizens Against Political Persecution, an organization that fights for the political prisoners of January 6th). CARA JUST RAN FOR NEW YORK STATE ASSEMBLY AND GREATLY APPRECIATES ANYONE THAT CONTRIBUTED in her run to “Knock Out the Left!”

Cara is an Activist, Investigative Journalist, 2-Time Boxing Champion, Celebrity Fitness Trainer and Television Personality. You can watch her on Newsmax at 10PM EST every Saturday night on “Wiseguys”. You can follow her on & Twitter or Instagram  @CaraCastronuova. She is currently banned on Fakebook & suing them for defamation of character.  You can contact her via the C.A.P.P. website at or if you have any tips or would like to volunteer.

“I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me.” Phil 4:13.

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