BREAKING: Maricopa County Saturday Ballot Dump Favors Kari Lake – Charlie Kirk Show And War Room React

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Maricopa County dumped another ballot drop of about 85,000 ballots at 6 pm, with 51.8% favoring Kari Lake.

The Gateway Pundit reported earlier that Arizona election officials continue to commit civic terrorism on the people of Arizona on Saturday. This afternoon, Pima and Coconino Counties in Arizona in Arizona dropped their ballots. Coconino and Pima Counties are two of the bluest counties in the state.

Hobbs still leads Lake by just over 1%

Maricopa County claims they are 87.6% complete with the ballot count.

We just posted results from an additional 85,656 ballots, nearly all of which were dropped off on Election Day. We now estimate that the count is 87.6% complete.
Find more details about this update at

— Maricopa County Elections Department (@MaricopaVote) November 13, 2022

However, The Gateway Pundit reported on new information that shows Maricopa County may be underreporting its ballot totals.

Arizona election expert Gina Swoboda recently announced on The Charlie Kirk Show on Friday that there are significantly more votes to be counted in Arizona than was reported.

Kari Lake also said in a recent interview that “people’s votes that had not been counted got mixed in with batches that had already been counted.”

In a new interview on The Gateway Pundit, a 2022 election clerk confirmed these allegations that uncounted ballots that were placed in “box 3” on election day were mixed in with already counted ballots.

BREAKING: Elections Clerk Says Uncounted Maricopa County Ballots From “Slot 3” Mixed In The SAME BAG As ALREADY COUNTED Ballots (VIDEO)

Rich Baris came at the County for lying about these “box 3” ballots and not counting them accurately.

You lied, told voters/media/observers those votes would be counted if they put them in Box 3, that night.

They were not.

Nothing you say is credible from this point on.

— Rich Baris “The People’s Pundit” (@Peoples_Pundit) November 13, 2022

Data Orbital tweeted that this new dump is “likely to be the worst or the remaining ones,”  and “~190k ballots remain.”

Maricopa County – 84,593 Ballots Reported

Kari Lake – 43,797 (51.8%)
Katie Hobbs – 40,786 (48.2%)

Gain of 3,001 for Kari Lake. This drop from Maricopa likely to be the worst or the remaining ones. ~190k ballots remain.

— Data Orbital (@Data_Orbital) November 13, 2022

From here on out, we should see MAGA Republican candidates come back into the lead, so long as they don’t steal it.

Steve Bannon reacted to this count with Tyler Bowyer and AZ State Rep-elect Austin Smith on the Charlie Kirk show.

Bowyer said some of the ballots counted in this batch were from bad districts, and the next drops will be “significantly better.”

Steve Bannon said the county is dumping blue ballot drops first, and it is “100% intentional,” calling it “information warfare.”

Watch below:

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