Jordan Peterson Dismisses ‘Sanctimonious’ Meghan Markle

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Last month, on Meghan Markle’s inane vanity podcast project,  Archetypes, she delivered a snide and condescending diatribe citing recent remarks by best-selling author, psychology professor and culture warrior, Jordan Peterson.

The washed up and permanently triggered actress apparently took issue with audio of Peterson addressing behaviors that have a negative impact on society.

Peterson appeared on Piers Morgan Uncensored and shared his reaction to Markle’s characterization of him as a ‘villian’.

Morgan says, “She seems to perennially play the victim..the female victim of all all outrages, and your name got dragged into this. Let’s take a listen to what she said.”

Morgan shared audio of Markle saying, “Raise your hand if you’ve ever been called crazy or hysterical or what about nuts? Insane? Out of your mind, completely irrational, okay? You get the point.”

Markle then played a clip from Peterson saying, “I don’t think that men can deal with crazy women.”

In a weirdly sing-song cadence, Markle goes on, “The use of these labels are drilled into us for movies and TV, from friends and family. And even from random strangers.  And the fact is, no one wants this label.”

Jordan tells Morgan, “The first thing that I make of it is that her voice drips with the same falsehood that the voice of Kamala Harris drips with. It’s this sanctimonious, faux-compassionate talking down to her audience and trying to be sure ‘we’re all really on the same compassionate page here…and we’re all being victimized by terrible forces that are arrayed against us and none of that’s really fair.’  It just grates on me.”

“And I do believe, and you played a bit of a clip of me from when I was talking to Camille Paglia  the literary critic. And I do believe that it is the case that it is difficult to control female anti-social behavior, often of the type being pilloried hysterical and I think there is no shortage of clinical evidence to support precisely that claim.  It’s very difficult for women to control female anti-social behavior…and females who are anti-social that feminine pattern is reputation salvaging under the guise of compassionate care.  And it’s, it’s extraordinarily destructive. And so I stand by my words.”

Watch at the 15:38 mark.

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