Lu Wei Peter Zhang

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If you want to open a new Peter Chang restaurant in Fairfax, but not quite tell people it is Peter Chang…call it Peter Zhang!  (Isn’t that a bit like hiding the kid from Anakin Skywalker and calling him Luke Skywalker?)

This is the most casual outpost in the Chang empire, by far.  You order from a screen and there are only a few tables.  Many of the dishes are marinated meats from central China, with some hot pot, noodles, and semi-Sichuan options.  It is the “most Chinese” of the current Chang portfolio.  Here is some basic information.  I’ve only been once, and haven’t yet figured out the best dishes, but you should all know about this right away.  It is near the intersection of Rt.50 and 123, centrally located for Fairfax.


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