Republican Don Bolduc EXPANDS His Lead In New Hampshire Senate Race

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Republican Don Bolduc has expanded his lead on Democrat Maggie Hassan in the New Hampshire Senate race.

Bolduc only started leading this race in the last few days, which has caught Democrats completely off guard.

Very few people thought this race would go this way, but it’s looking good for Bolduc.

Breitbart News reports:

Poll: Gen. Don Bolduc Expands Lead over Democrat Maggie Hassan in New Hampshire’s Senate Race

Republicans Senate candidate Gen. Don Bolduc expanded his lead over Democrat Sen. Maggie Hassan (D-NH) in New Hampshire, according to a Thursday Trafalgar Group poll.

Forty-seven percent support Bolduc, 45.7 percent back Hassan, and 3.2 percent are undecided. Libertarian Jeremy Kauffman has 4 percent.

Among Hispanics, Bolduc leads 70.2 – 17.7 percent over Hassan. Among black voters, Hassan only holds a 19.9-point lead (34.7 – 54.6 percent). Among white voters, Bolduc leads (46.9 – 46.4 percent).

The general also polled better than Hassan in every age demographic except 65 and older, likely because of her history as a former governor of the Granite State.

The survey sampled 2022 general election voters from October 30 through November 1, with a 2.9 percent margin of error. Respondents included 44 percent Democrat, 35 percent Republican, and 21 percent unaffiliated.

The poll comes after a Tuesday Saint Anselm survey revealed that showed Bolduc with a one-point lead over Hassan. The general has clawed his way into the one-point lead, a gain of 12 points in just six weeks after Hassan had an 11-point lead.

Winning this race would be huge for Republicans.

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Don Bolduc (R): 47% (+1.3)
Maggie Hassan (D-inc): 45.7%

⦿ 4-point shift towards Bolduc from Sept when Hassan was up by 3 points

1,241 LV | 10/30-11/01 | D44/R35/I21

— InteractivePolls (@IAPolls2022) November 3, 2022

MOMENTUM continues growing!! Another poll showing our campaign in the lead!!! #NHSEN

— Don Bolduc (@GenDonBolduc) November 3, 2022

NH SENATE: 2 Polls in a row show Don Bolduc leading Maggie Hassan

Bolduc (R) 47% (+1)
Hassan (D-inc) 46%

St Anselm
Bolduc (R) 48% (+1)
Hassan (D-inc) 47%

St Anselm was the most accurate New Hampshire pollster in 2020 (Biden +8 poll vs Biden +7.4 result)

— InteractivePolls (@IAPolls2022) November 3, 2022

This will be a race to watch early on election night.

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