Attorney Ty Clevenger Proposes Remedy for Congress to Prevent Future Politically Motivated Cases to be Used to Punish Innocent Americans

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Attorney Ty Clevenger sent a letter to GOP House member Jim Jordan and GOP Senate member, Charles Grassley.  In the letter, Clevenger requests that Congress address the political and corrupt cases being run through corrupt courts across the country. 

The corrupt and now fascist far-left is using the courts to punish their political enemies.  Just this week, a corrupt judge in New York agreed with the motion by the corrupt New York AG to put in place a monitor of President Trump’s company.

Corrupt Far-Left New York Judge Orders a Special Monitor Over the Trump Organization – Setting a New Standard for TDS

The We Build the Wall group was charged with BS crimes in New York and all were harassed and forced into bogus plea deals with one individual facing a corrupt court with a corrupt jury and a corrupt judge.

He Never Had a Chance – “We Build the Wall” Leader Tim Shea Convicted by Obama Judge in New York City Kangaroo Court

Innocent Americans who protested the stolen 2020 Election are being housed in a hell hole known as the DC Gulag by corrupt actors in Washington DC.  Corrupt judges, juries, and prosecutors are using the courts to punish and harass these people using Third World tactics.

POLITICAL PRISONER OF THE BIDEN REGIME Turns to Christ in DC Gitmo – Saved Lives on January 6 but Now Is Suffering in Prison – LYING Jan 6 Committee Continue to Ruin His Chances at a Fair Trial – PLEASE HELP — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Now this group of corrupt actors is after President Trump in DC as well.

BREAKING: Corrupt Jan 6 Committee Subpoenas President Trump

This has got to stop!  This is not America!

Attorney Ty Clevenger is asking GOP leaders in Congress to create legislation to prevent these communist acts from continuing.  Below is a portion of his letter:

The problem extends beyond criminal prosecutions to professional disciplinary prosecutions. At one time, an attorney’s right to represent unpopular clients and causes was considered more of a duty than a right. As you probably know, future president John Adams famously defended nine British soldiers who participated in the Boston Massacre. Nowadays, on the other hand, attorney John Eastman is under criminal investigation as well as an investigation by the California Bar merely because he gave legal advice concerning the 2020 election. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is being investigated by the State Bar of Texas because he filed a legal challenge to the 2020 election in the Supreme Court, and Rudy Giuliani was preemptively suspended in New York and D.C. without so much as an opportunity to defend himself. 

Something must change, therefore I respectfully propose a “Politically-Motivated Prosecutions Act” that would grant defendants the right to introduce evidence and argue before a jury that the prosecution was motivated by political animus. I would extend that right to state courts as well as disciplinary authorities such as state bars. Insofar as most disciplinary proceedings are administrative, I would grant defendants / respondents the right to challenge the prosecution in a separate proceeding before a jury.

Finally, I would grant defendants the right to be tried by an impartial jury. Although the Sixth Amendment guarantees that right, it has been severely eroded by the political polarization of the United States. A member of the Trump family will never get a fair trial in far-left New York, for example, and a January 6th defendant will never get a fair trial in D.C., where the jury pool is 96 percent Democrat.

See Clevenger’s proposal and let your GOP and Democrat politicians that their actions related to Jan 6 and the 2020 Election are unconstitutional and must stop.

2022.10.24 Letter About Selective Prosecution by Jim Hoft on Scribd

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